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Caan Berry is a full time betting exchange trader. Caan started Betfair Trading on Betfair in 2011 full time because his weekly profit had exceeded his day-job earnings for some time. Prior to going full time on Betfair he only traded evenings and weekends.

Caan is ex-army and it is this discipline that may have built the foundation of his Betfair Trading success.

Caan actually started Betfair Trading on Betfair in 2009. Very soon he was making consistent profits. He smelt the money.

Caan Berry has now published some great Betfair Trading books & videos which if you want to invest in yourself could easily help your Betfair Trading.

The great gift that Caan has is he learns from his mistakes. We all make hundred of mistakes as Betfair Traders. He recognises this. Caan Berry learnt a lot of his lessons the hard way. The Betfair markets can be complex. But follow him on his website: and and you can get to grips with them quickly and protect your bank.

There is no doubt that if you take the first steps in replicating what Caan Berry has achieved and learn from the mistakes he shares with you your progress is going to be faster with less financial pain.

But as with anything in life; Caan Berry is clear. If you use your time effectively and persevere you will get where you want. But before success comes commitment. It’s got him to where he is today. Will you pay the price?

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Listen to Caan on our podcast and hear some of his views and advice on Betfair Trading Betfair markets for a living.

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The worst Betfair Trading addiction is thinking you can't lose trades.