Profit Recall

Analyse An Entire Days Racing In A Few Minutes

The horses ranked in the top 5 on Profit Recall win over 72% of their races!

Profit Recall is an established horse rating form tool that is making some huge profits.

The software took 18 months to develop and was created by Michael Wilding. Michael is an expert at database handicapping.

What Michael and the team at RaceAdvisor have done is create a Power Rating which throws out a tissue price for each runner.

Users simply compare that price with the available price and find value bets.

Every horse race has different race conditions and different horses. That makes them unique. Each race contains a huge amount of information and Profit Recall  dissect that information, determines what is important for each specific race and then analyses it to discover the strongest horses.

Profit Recall does this for you in just a few seconds.

Profit Recall is a very advanced piece of software but it will not get it right 100% of the time. That’s impossible. It does however give you a significant edge over the market and that makes you a good profit.

When you open a race using Profit Recall it starts by looking at the race conditions and the horses in the race. It then goes through hundreds of thousands of races and millions of runners to determine which races in the past have been similar to the current one.

With these races it then analyses hundreds of ratings to discover which have proven to be the most predictive in the past. It then uses these most predictive ratings to create the Profit Recall power rating and rank.

The process to find value is tedious and time consuming. Profit Recall finds bets where there is a mathematical advantage for the punter. The probability estimate is calculated using power ratings and statistical analysis.

Simply, it does what you should do when looking to back any horse. But the reality is most people can’t be bothered. Can you? Take a shortcut to profit with Profit Recall.

Visit: Profit Recall

Profit Recall

Name: RaceAdvisor
Product: Profit Recall

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