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TradeChat is growing every day and we’re glad you’re part of it. Simply by joining today you have a chance to win a free upgrade to TradeSelect worth £600! Hundreds of members that have joined already happily subscribe to TradeSelect for £50 per month. The monthly lucky winner gets a whole year of TradeSelect completely FREE!

We have a free draw for every new member that has joined TradeChat in the previous month and we announce the lucky winner on the first of each month via Twitter.

TradeChat will always be free. You can upgrade anytime from TradeChat Free to TradeChat TradeSelect which has provided profitable access to The Betfair Tipster for three years.

Many TradeChat members use The Betfair Tipster’s selections for straight bets or in conjunction with their own trading strategies.

Everyone uses  Bf Bot Manager V3 in TradeChat which provides a completely automated horse racing betting and/or trading portfolio that has proved to be profitable for several years. All TradeChat seminar delegates use it for trading which they never touch and it runs on their VPS. We recommend Tagadab in the UK.

Automation a step too far? Don’t want to try something new? Heard it all before? Well, just carry on watching JuiceStorm TV in TradeChat and see if it changes your mind. 😉

It’s a live stream of my trading platform showing every trade or bet as it’s made when the UK horse racing is on. The good, the bad and the ugly!

Mostly I stream one of the several test environments using micro stakes. But I do switch to regular stakes elsewhere too. I’ll keep you in the loop in TradeChat.

If it helps you make a choice to upgrade to TradeSelect then I can even set you up remotely for The Betfair Tipster’s betting portfolio – NOT the trading portfolio. That is only available at the seminars.

You can always build your own trading strategy using The Betfair Tipster’s selections as a foundation. Many have. Very successfully.


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