BetTrader Testimonials From JuiceStorm Readers

Lee Hulme BetTrader Review

I have been trading on Betfair for well over 10 years but have felt for quite a while I wanted to make more of the sports markets than just being a backer or layer. After scouring the internet looking at the different trading software on offer BetTrader was the one that stood out to me as it looked like the easiest one for a novice like myself to follow and learn the ropes.

After the free month trial I was surprised at how quickly I got to understand how the ladders and graphs worked and how the speed of the price movements give you so much more of an edge over Betfair users. I did intend trying the free trials offered by other trading software companies but after trying Bet Trader I don’t think there is any point. Bet Trader offers everything and more that I will need to improve and hopefully succeed in being a successful sports trader.

I joined Bet Trader about 4/5 months ago and my pre race scalping is improving every week. Currently need to improve on my stop loss and exit strategies. Still have a tendency to risk going in play from time to time if things haven’t gone my way. You know how it is!!!

As well as the scalping I have a few other trading ideas for tennis, football and golf. The training mode is a great tool to try these systems out before I risk any hard cash. My plan is quite long term, I intend to semi-retire from my business in roughly 3 years time at which point I am hoping to trade more full time. So over the next 3 years I intend to practice and learn enough to make sports trading profitable. I know Bet Trader can help me achieve this.

In my opinion there would be no better way to make a living.

Elliot Tyler BetTrader Review

I have been using a different software as I had a lifetime sub. Others said how good BetTrader from RacingTraders is so I bit the bullet.

This software is unreal looking at the ladder is so much cleaner and you get to see the full market range, I don’t have to strain my eyes to see the full market range no longer.

Football is my main trading sport. But have been dipping my toe at in running can’t wait for the main jump season to start. Really want to master scalping so I can take my pre race scalping profit inplay this is the ultimate goal but at the moment struggling with the scalping and find inplay easier which I find is strange.

StewD BetTrader Review

I arrived at Bet Trader in a roundabout fashion. Someone suggested that I trade front runners on Betfair, and that if I got into it I might like to use BetTrader. Well, I did get into it, but as soon as I subscribed to Bet Trader I realised that there was so much more to trading in general. I read all the articles and subscribed to the video course.

Mistakes, there’ve been a few, but then again, too many to mention.

Other writers have adequately described the advantages of this software. To be honest I have not tried any others as it does everything that I could possibly require. At the moment I am concentrating on not losing rather than winning large amounts while scalping. I am keeping stakes to a minimum during this period. Every mistake is carefully logged in the memory bank. I am also much more structured when it comes to betting on football, with definite exit strategies. I would thoroughly recommend this software to anyone.

gordon46davidson BetTrader Review

I’ve been using BetTrader for several years, it’s trading software I would not like to be without. If you’ve ever tried to trade on The Betfair interface you will know how difficult it is, by the time you’ve calculated the stake for the current odds, the odds have changed and you have to start all over again. Of course you can use cash out but that always seems to be less than if you trade out. With BetTrader from RacingTraders trading out  is done with a single click, no calculating stakes that’s all done for you and constantly updated.

BetTrader comes with a variety of different tools all designed to make betting and trading easier. I just laid the draw on the Malta v England match at 7.0 traded out a few minutes later at 44.0 one click trade, profit locked in regardless of final result, so easy.

BetTrader is fast but speed can be affected by the speed of your computer or internet connection. When I’m away I tether my laptop to my mobile phone and the speed is noticeably different but still usable, but not good for in play horse racing. BetTrader comes with a free trial so no excuse for not finding out just how good it is.

Steve L BetTrader Review

I’ve been a BetTrader subscriber for a while now. I think it is the most user friendly software of its’ kind on the market. All the information you need to make a trading decision is clearly displayed at a glance. I particularly like the matchstick feature, which allows you to track the price movements at the same time as monitoring the liquidity. This sets BetTrader apart from other software like Bet Angel, for example, where you have to look at graphs in a separate area to monitor the price movements.

The whole look of the BetTrader software (in particular the ladder view) is very clear and intuitive, and practice mode makes it easy to get to grips with things quickly. Prices are refreshed at lightning speed, so it gives you an advantage over many other Betfair users. All in all, it’s an impressive piece of kit, so I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Simon Merritt BetTrader Review

Bet Trader and my relationship with it over the last year has been tempestuous ! It’s like Golf and golf clubs – I enjoy using them although to be frank – I don’t really know what I am doing.

A year ago I decided that it’s the best software for me. The simple layout, the array of tools that are available, the manual …. ALL invaluable. Upon searching, the communities, official or otherwise, that surrounds the use of BetTrader from RacingTraders is welcoming and warm.

I need to learn to use BT precisely and wisely to achieve my goal of becoming a trader.

Davey9 BetTrader Review

Having checked the competition I have found that BetTrader does the same job as other trading software but in a much more user-friendly way, with outstanding customer service. Here’s why…

The interface is designed to highlight the key tools a trader needs to identify quickly, especially during the fast moving markets of horse racing. Unlike the competition, BetTrader places the less urgent parts of the software out of the way of day-to-day trading. The trading pages are highly intuitive, even when trading for the first time, so minimal technical knowledge is required.

When I did have a technical question, which was ultimately due to my computer’s lack of reliability and not the trading software, I had my question answered in hours and that was on a Saturday evening, hence my comment about the excellent customer service. Also the answer was as user-friendly as the software; no technical jargon, just plain English. Another bonus is learning to use the software. Better than any user manual, the training videos make every aspect of the software easy and quick to learn.

What is hardly mentioned though is it is also a great tool to arb and to get the best value from bets. If you are unsure, then with a free trial and the ability to play in training mode, there really is nothing to lose but an awful lot to gain.

Chris VP BetTrader Review

I found sports trading after breaking an ankle and looking for something to keep my mind busy whilst stuck in the house. I have been a BetTrader from RacingTraders subscriber for around 9 months and I can honestly say it was the best thing that could have happened.

I am learning to trade horses, tennis and football following various videos and reading a lot and have found the training mode on BetTrader invaluable. How does it even work? An amazing tool for putting the strategies I learn into practice without risking my bankroll. I have found the tool to be excellently priced too compared to other software and couldn’t see myself using anything else.

Susan BetTrader Review

I purchased the BetTrader software a little over a month ago. Previously I had downloaded similar software it was confusing. When I downloaded BetTrader , it was a light bulb moment. Where I had struggled before I now had a software which was easy to use and well designed.

The BetTrader manual was a welcome addition to a newbie like me and in no time I was up and running. It even had a training button which was fantastic. I could actually build my confidence without it costing a penny. Win or lose thanks guys for a fantastic product.

Chris Hickerman BetTrader Review

I have been using BetTrader from RacingTraders for about a year, It is hands down the best trading software out there. The ladders are invaluable for pre race trading and in play trading. My trading career is still very much in it’s infancy, I mainly trade football.

Really enjoy doing the analysis and finding my angle on a game and getting involved. As far as trading the horses goes, that’s where I want to get to. That’s the end game. I work shifts so the horse racing in the day is perfect for me to have regular opportunities at making some money. I’ve so far watched as many videos as possible. I’ve tried my hand at scalping with very small stakes with very inconsistent results, win 3/4 then 1 loss wipes all out and then some.

Del Thomas BetTrader Review

I have been using Bet Trader on and off for the past couple of years and find it to be the fastest of all the trading software I have used. Some are quite chunky but BetTrader is smooth and allows for very quick movements in and out of the market. The appearance of the dashboard is nice too and well laid out not only aesthetically but also in terms of being able to easily access all functions in a timely manner.

I had a successful trial period and then traded using practice mode for several weeks and did find the aspect of making money via trading difficult on pre-race horse markets. I need some instruction and help in this aspect of my trading as do reasonably well with the set and forget aspects of sports trading.

Cliff Jones BetTrader Review

Firstly, could I say that the BetTrader from RacingTraders software is perfect for me ( I tried BetAngel and found that the interface is too overloaded, with loads of irrelevant info, for me anyway). BetTrader interface is simple, with the right amount of info and not at all confusing or distracting.

Anyway, I’ve been actively trading the UK horse racing market with some success. What I need from the course is a clear understanding of how to read the market, particularly entry and exit points. Also different types of trading as I’ve only been scalping for one or two ticks pre race and find at the moment that in-running scares the crap out of me, but know that it is an essential part of trading if I am to be successful.

Dave Adams BetTrader Review

I am trying to learn Betfair and trading. I find the BetTrader programme very good, responsive, and a big help. I am only learning when I can as it’s very difficult balancing a job 50/70 hours a week and getting on the pc. I’ve practised and gone live with scalping and had mixed results.

I’ve taken a sabbatical for now but I will be renewing BetTrader as I feel this programme will help me to improve and learn.

Simon M BetTrader Review

As most Betfair Trading Software allow a period a free use before subscription, I admit I tried all the major well known software tools out there before making my choice. Some of the features others possess that BetTrader from RacingTraders doesn’t? Well, the ability to customise the layout, customisable charts, cool sounding guy reading out how long is left until the race starts, ability to track the MACD (I had to google that one to find out what it was), fancy inplay tracker, odds predictor…well maybe I should stop there.

Because there are lots of other features, but you know what? All of those tools are largely irrelevant. There’s a tendency to always want to over complicate trading, as well as justifying a considerable monthly cost for the software. But what BetTrader does it give you the purest, cleanest and most visually accessible trading tool available. All the information you need to make trading decisions is right in front of you. The tools you need are right there, from tick offset to stop loss.

The matchsticks that run along side the price points is this single most valuable trading tool I have ever seen and no one else makes use of this so perfectly as BetTrader. Markets are simple to select, runners easy to view, matched volume easy to see – it is literally everything you need in essentially one screen (assuming using ladder).

Amanda Stone BetTrader Review

Having been a BetTrader subscriber for a few months I can highly recommend the software. I began by reading all the tutorials and then went into ‘practice mode’ for several weeks to watch and get a feel for the system before moving to live mode.

Yes, I made mistakes ( some big ones which I quickly learned from) and yes I’m still making mistakes but by using very small stakes I keep my losses to a minimum. Watching the way the markets move certainly helped me learn when to enter and exit. The stop loss facility is brilliant as it aids to minimise your losses especially when the market turns against you.
I have loads to learn and I know that by following a plan I will gradually increase my bankroll.

The support is great and any questions are answered promptly. Don’t sit and think about it, sign up and get started, to build yourself extra income or you may be someone who is looking to become a full time trader.

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