How TradeHost, TradeLive And TradeHost Lite Trade On Betfair

Trading on Betfair? Why not give automated trading a go with a free TradeHost Lite?

A new strategy suite for May 2022 is Sweep.

TradeHost , TradeLive and  TradeHost Lite all trade on Betfair using Bf Bot Manager. They are all private trading portfolios that you import in to Bf Bot Manager.

We don’t publish filtered results for TradeLive because you can do a forward test with nominal stakes using TradeHost Lite for as long as you like completely free. The UK and IE results are here if you wish to filter them because they are included in the TradeHost results. TradeLive has been profitable since it started in 2014.

TradeHost , TradeLive and  TradeHost Lite all use the selections published daily here and all feature pre race and in running trading on the horse racing markets.

TradeLive and  TradeHost Lite only trade the Betfair UK and IE horse racing markets. They both also back the best selections as a gamble.

TradeHost does everything that TradeLive and  TradeHost Lite does plus also trades on the US and AU horse racing markets on Betfair. Some selections are gambles as well – always lays. TradeHost also has an interest in the UK, IE and AU greyhound racing markets. These are gambles as well – always lays too.

TradeHost , TradeLive and  TradeHost Lite all include Select and Tissue.

Tissue Bot

Creating your own betting tissue is a way of pricing up a race to create your own odds for each horse. Our Tissue Bot compares its odds with the prices available on Betfair.

The aim is to spot horses that may be overpriced. If it calculates a horse should be around 2/1 and it is on offer at 3/1, then it has a value bet.

By using our database built over 22 years for speed ratings, form, course, draw and many other criteria then ranking these in order, Tissue Bot creates a total rating number for each horse running every single day 24/7. Tissue Bot then turns this number into a percentage chance for each runner and from this, it calculates the price we want to get involved with at up to 8 hours before each race.

Tissue Bot also filters by ground conditions, class and distance. We use queries for dams, damsires and countries of breeding and we track all horses, trainers and jockeys. The published selections are updated throughout the day and night due to non-runners and going changes.

We research every conceivable angle from every race since 2000 and compare actual results with market expectations to find value betting and trading opportunities.

The selections we are considering are published the day before each race on JuiceStorm TV. Around a third of the selections will be traded by Tissue Bot each day.

The aim is to hedge with a lay when there is a downward movement of more than 20% on the price Tissue Bot backed at.

Tissue Bot has a Market Strike Rate of 69% since January 2014

Tissue Bot forms an integral part of TradeHostTradeLive and the free TradeHost Lite trading portfolios used on Betfair. When new members join some run just Tissue Bot and Select Bot with a Betfair bank of only £100 for many months before scaling up with very low risk at default settings.

Many established TradeHost members were inspired by the daily PnL reports from the article £100 To £3,778.02 In A Year. An archive of every daily update for 365 days is here. Tissue Bot and Select Bot were used throughout the period of one year starting 19th September 2017.

Select Bot

Select uses the same data as tissue looking for value prices for a straight gamble on the same selections as Tissue Bot. Entry prices may differ for Select when compared to Tissue because Tissue Bot places initial trades up to 8 hours before the start time.

TradeHost Bots

The full trading portfolio – TradeHost – rarely drops below 15 additional bots. The only bots that need to be run 24/7 are Tissue and Select.

The most promising new addition to the TradeHost family is Blast which, at the time of writing, has a 100% Market Strike Rate.

Not all TradeHost Bots released to our Professional Traders are shown because some are under review or paused.

Please, if you subscribe to TradeHost, bear in mind that most bots fail eventually. We recently retired one of my favourites, Bolt, after 3 years profitable service.
We monitor the Betfair markets our bots have an interest in 24/7/365 and analyse all data daily looking for profit leaks by running complex betting and trading algorithms to identify strategies for updates. Updates are usually compiled and issued on the last day of each month.

A new strategy for April 2022 is Tay

A new strategy for April 2022 – this article was originally published 28th March 2022 – is Tay. It has completed a testing period of over 1 year. It mirrors Tissue and aims to pick up where Tissue has cancelled a trade. Tay aims for near value trades. Tissue aims for value trades.

The most common reason for Tissue to cancel trades is that there is no prospect of them being filled due to the price moving away significantly from its target entry. Simply, the market may not be sharing our opinion on the tissue price. And the last thing members want are strategies with many unmatched bets that have little chance of being filled draining your Betfair balance until they are finally cancelled at the off.

An example of Tay in action along with Tissue and Select is above at Uttoxeter on 29th March 2022 in the 2m4f Mares Hcap Hrd at 15:35 UK. A green book before the off due to Tay and Tissue both being filled and exits completed with £167 left on Sainte Doctor to win and if it lost we still won £21.

The stakes most Professional Traders use are 100X or more default. The return above was achieved with 120X default. Please do NOT increase your TradeHost or TradeLive stakes until you are seeing positive returns and you are comfortable to do so. Baby steps please ladies and gentlemen. 😉

The gamble on Sainte Doctor was matched at 5.3 with Select, went off with a BSP of 4.1 and duly obliged. Superb value trading and backing at value prices is what TradeHost , TradeLive and  TradeHost Lite are all about.

Another example of Tay in action along with Tissue and Select is above at Navan on 29th March 2022 in the 1m2f Hcap at 17:10 UK. A green book on Supagirl in running due to Tay and Tissue both being filled and exits completed with £121 left on Supagirl to win and if it lost we still won £16.

The gamble on Supagirl was matched at 3.95 with Select and duly obliged by winning also. Our automated Tipster Bot Asterius is on fire currently. There are also Almops, Aloadae, Amphisbaena, Argus, InPlay, Arae, Athos, Azeus, Aeternae, Wind, Monsoon, Hurricane, Storm, Lightning, Blizzard, Tornado and a few more working 24/7/365 to generate your gambles and trades.

In the video above Tissue and Tay both got filled at Market Rasen on  30th March 2022 in the 2m2f Nov Hrd due away 13:45 UK. You can see the early Tissue and Tay trades on Doctor Ken closing with a LAY for a profit to make a green book.

Earlier, in the video, you can also see the Tissue and Tay trades on Super Six were already closed with a LAY for a profit in the same market!

A green book for £157 or more was shared by Harry and it was all completed over 2 hours before the race was due off. Happy days. 🙂

Tay will usually be filled at a price lower than Tissue. If a Tay trade is matched then it will complete the exit when the BACK entry price goes down by more than 20%. The exit will be completed with a LAY pre race or in running. Tay is different to Tissue in one respect. Because Tay aims for near value trades it will take a hit pre race or inplay if the market moves against it.  Tissue won’t let the market bully it into exiting with a partial loss. It’s a full loss or a green book for Tissue.

The reason is simple. It is more profitable on Tissue long term to take a full loss than it is for Tissue to think the entry was bad and to trade a red book prematurely. Read more about how we create our Tissue prices 24/7/365 for every UK and IE horse race. This is also true for some of the more aggressive in running strategies.

Tay Bot has a Market Strike Rate of 65% since March 2021.


TopTrap for the greyhound racing markets is also updated in this April release. Trap has been retired. Please review the Safety Rules as you may wish to lower the default settings. I wouldn’t recommend increasing the default stakes ever.

TopTrap Bot has a Market Strike Rate of 76% since September 2021 with a maximum of 7 consecutive losing markets. We use the default settings which have proved profitable. Some members love this strategy. Some don’t.

Please, remember it will have losing runs and if you are risk averse then please don’t use it. Losses can escalate quickly when it gets to 7 consecutive losing markets – it will – and you might wish you never got involved! It doesn’t trade and only lays. It’s only here due to demand from our gambling members with significant Betfair balances.

At JuiceStorm Towers in Malta we have two full time geeks updating and building better bots every day. Over 100 traders let TradeHost run 24/7/365 completely unattended. The new addition TradeLive and the free TradeHost Lite now have over 500 Betfair traders using them 24/7/365 for completely automated Betfair trading too.

So, if you fancy a month or a year or longer to see that we make money most months then grab a free TradeHost Lite which has limited stakes. When you’re ready you may upgrade to TradeHost or TradeLive.

Any queries? Then just call John on +447500075044 or, his preferred choice, via Telegram any UK morning. Please don’t email, SMS or send him a PM in Telegram. It drives him nuts. Just call!

He takes hundreds of calls each month from Betfair traders just like you and is ALWAYS happy to help!

A new strategy suite for May 2022 is Sweep.

Update: Sweep and Leap were retired. Harry, Giles, Go and Gone were introduced as their replacements on 1st July 2022.

Sweep and Leap are released for May 2022. They have now completed one year with impressive results.

Both strategies aim to trade horses that the market thinks have a very low chance of winning their UK or IE race InPlay. The AU markets will also be traded very occasionally.

Sweep is a high end trader and Leap aims to grab some more profit when the market has moved significantly in our favour. Both are trading strategies.

Please do not change the default settings and only start the Sweep suite when you are able to watch what they do and that you feel comfortable with the risk.

The Sweep suite are now deployed to JuiceStorm TV. The return for the table below at default stakes is provided for examples of the prices that the Sweep suite gets involved with and shows a profit of £32.48 for the period 4th April 2022 to 9th April 2022.

Please be aware that the Sweep suite is not for the faint hearted. Long term they are very profitable but when one or more has a loss it could easily wipe out the profit on the strategies affected for a week or more.

Finally, some strategies are updated, some retired and there are several further additions to TradeHost for May 2022. Each month I only focus on a major addition if there is one. Enjoy!

Start timeSelectionAvgBetDescriptionP/LMatchedCountry
09/04/2022 13:00Kidman340BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.85£0.85GB
09/04/2022 13:00Kidman180LAY£0.06£0.06GB
09/04/2022 13:00Kidman170.24LAY£1.70£1.70GB
09/04/2022 13:00Shighness55BACKTrade out rule bet-£2.58£2.58GB
09/04/2022 13:00Shighness29LAY£0.17£0.17GB
09/04/2022 13:00Shighness29LAY£5.17£5.17GB
09/04/2022 12:55Honour Your Dreams90LAY£0.11£0.11GB
09/04/2022 12:55Northcliff200BACKTrade out rule bet-£1.54£1.54GB
09/04/2022 12:55Northcliff100LAY£3.08£3.08GB
09/04/2022 12:55Northcliff100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
09/04/2022 12:30Songbirds Tale240BACKTrade out rule bet-£1.28£1.28GB
09/04/2022 12:30Songbirds Tale120LAY£0.09£0.09GB
09/04/2022 12:30Songbirds Tale120LAY£2.56£2.56GB
09/04/2022 12:30Up With The Play360BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.80£0.80GB
09/04/2022 12:30Up With The Play180LAY£0.05£0.05GB
09/04/2022 12:30Up With The Play180LAY£1.61£1.61GB
09/04/2022 08:152. Son Of Bacchus120BACKTrade out rule bet-£2.38£2.38AU
09/04/2022 08:152. Son Of Bacchus65LAY£0.16£0.16AU
09/04/2022 08:152. Son Of Bacchus63.16LAY£4.77£4.77AU
08/04/2022 20:00Atomise1000BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.90£0.90GB
08/04/2022 20:00Atomise160LAY£1.81£1.81GB
08/04/2022 20:00Atomise160LAY£0.06£0.06GB
08/04/2022 19:50Circles140BACKTrade out rule bet-£1.47£1.47IE
08/04/2022 19:50Circles70LAY£2.94£2.94IE
08/04/2022 19:50Circles70LAY£0.15£0.15IE
08/04/2022 19:10All Walks Of Life60LAY£0.64£0.64IE
08/04/2022 19:10All Walks Of Life58.24LAY£0.17£0.17IE
08/04/2022 18:40Redwood Queen200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.88£0.88IE
08/04/2022 18:40Redwood Queen100LAY£1.77£1.77IE
08/04/2022 18:20Gericho140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13IE
08/04/2022 18:20Gericho70LAY£0.13£0.13IE
08/04/2022 18:20Gericho70LAY£0.26£0.26IE
08/04/2022 18:10Brooks Falls160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13IE
08/04/2022 18:10Brooks Falls80LAY£0.13£0.13IE
08/04/2022 18:10Brooks Falls80LAY£0.26£0.26IE
08/04/2022 18:10Fiveaftermidnight80BACKTrade out rule bet£13.43£0.17IE
08/04/2022 18:10Fiveaftermidnight40.18LAY-£13.32£0.34IE
08/04/2022 18:10Fiveaftermidnight55LAY-£9.18£0.17IE
08/04/2022 17:35Andratx160BACKTrade out rule bet£0.00£0.02IE
08/04/2022 17:35Andratx80LAY£0.00£0.04IE
08/04/2022 17:35Andratx80LAY£0.00£0.13IE
08/04/2022 17:25Blenheim Belle150BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13GB
08/04/2022 17:25Blenheim Belle75LAY£0.13£0.13GB
08/04/2022 17:25Blenheim Belle75LAY£0.26£0.26GB
08/04/2022 17:15Alberts Back200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
08/04/2022 17:15Alberts Back100LAY£0.09£0.09GB
08/04/2022 17:15Alberts Back100LAY£0.19£0.19GB
08/04/2022 17:08Loch Linnhe110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 17:08Loch Linnhe55LAY£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 17:08Loch Linnhe55LAY£0.34£0.34GB
08/04/2022 17:08Justforjames160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
08/04/2022 17:08Justforjames80LAY£0.24£0.24GB
08/04/2022 17:08Justforjames80LAY£0.12£0.12GB
08/04/2022 17:00Hisnameis Mrdevitt240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08IE
08/04/2022 17:00Hisnameis Mrdevitt120LAY£0.08£0.08IE
08/04/2022 17:00Hisnameis Mrdevitt120LAY£0.16£0.16IE
08/04/2022 16:40My Bobby Dazzler110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 16:40My Bobby Dazzler55LAY£0.34£0.34GB
08/04/2022 16:40My Bobby Dazzler55LAY£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 16:40Stag Horn120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16GB
08/04/2022 16:40Stag Horn60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
08/04/2022 16:40Stag Horn60LAY£0.32£0.32GB
08/04/2022 16:35Realms Of Fire120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 16:35Realms Of Fire60LAY£0.34£0.34GB
08/04/2022 16:35Realms Of Fire60LAY£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 16:35Hideo170BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
08/04/2022 16:35Hideo85LAY£0.24£0.24GB
08/04/2022 16:35Hideo85LAY£0.12£0.12GB
08/04/2022 16:30Whiskey Lady360BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.05£0.05IE
08/04/2022 16:30Whiskey Lady180LAY£0.05£0.05IE
08/04/2022 16:30Whiskey Lady180LAY£0.10£0.10IE
08/04/2022 16:05Francky Du Berlais160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
08/04/2022 16:05Francky Du Berlais80LAY£0.24£0.24GB
08/04/2022 16:05Francky Du Berlais80LAY£0.12£0.12GB
08/04/2022 16:00Onenightintown280BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 16:00Onenightintown140LAY£0.07£0.07GB
08/04/2022 16:00Onenightintown140LAY£0.15£0.15GB
08/04/2022 16:00Rocco Storm240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 16:00Rocco Storm110LAY£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 16:00Rocco Storm120LAY£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 15:45Milton180BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.11£0.11GB
08/04/2022 15:45Milton90LAY£0.11£0.11GB
08/04/2022 15:45Milton90LAY£0.22£0.22GB
08/04/2022 15:30Allmankind240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 15:30Allmankind120LAY£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 15:30Allmankind120LAY£0.16£0.16GB
08/04/2022 14:45Wheres Hector280BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 14:45Wheres Hector140LAY£0.07£0.07GB
08/04/2022 14:45Wheres Hector140LAY£0.15£0.15GB
08/04/2022 14:45Last One To Show320BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
08/04/2022 14:45Last One To Show160LAY£0.06£0.06GB
08/04/2022 14:45Last One To Show160LAY£0.13£0.13GB
08/04/2022 14:20First Street140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.15£0.15GB
08/04/2022 14:20First Street70LAY£0.29£0.29GB
08/04/2022 14:20First Street70LAY£0.15£0.15GB
08/04/2022 14:20Suprise Package100BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 14:20Suprise Package50LAY£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 14:20Suprise Package50LAY£0.34£0.34GB
08/04/2022 14:00Karakoram100BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 14:00Karakoram50LAY£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 14:00Karakoram50LAY£0.34£0.34GB
08/04/2022 14:00Hymn And A Prayer220BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 14:00Hymn And A Prayer100LAY£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 14:00Hymn And A Prayer110LAY£0.17£0.17GB
08/04/2022 13:45Quinta Do Mar220BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 13:45Quinta Do Mar120LAY£0.08£0.08GB
08/04/2022 13:45Quinta Do Mar110LAY£0.17£0.17GB
07/04/2022 19:30Enchanted One340BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06IE
07/04/2022 19:30Enchanted One170LAY£0.11£0.11IE
07/04/2022 19:30Enchanted One170LAY£0.06£0.06IE
07/04/2022 19:00Boing160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13IE
07/04/2022 19:00Boing80LAY£0.13£0.13IE
07/04/2022 19:00Boing80LAY£0.26£0.26IE
07/04/2022 18:45Good Humor130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 18:45Good Humor65LAY£0.29£0.29GB
07/04/2022 18:45Good Humor65LAY£0.15£0.15GB
07/04/2022 18:15Purple Reign240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
07/04/2022 18:15Purple Reign120LAY£0.08£0.08GB
07/04/2022 18:15Purple Reign120LAY£0.16£0.16GB
07/04/2022 18:00Duke Otto160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13IE
07/04/2022 18:00Duke Otto80LAY£0.13£0.13IE
07/04/2022 18:00Duke Otto80LAY£0.26£0.26IE
07/04/2022 17:25Sarsen170BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
07/04/2022 17:25Sarsen85LAY£0.11£0.11GB
07/04/2022 17:25Sarsen85LAY£0.23£0.23GB
07/04/2022 17:20Jumping Susie280BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10IE
07/04/2022 17:20Jumping Susie100LAY£0.20£0.20IE
07/04/2022 17:20Jumping Susie100LAY£0.10£0.10IE
07/04/2022 17:15Lutinebella240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
07/04/2022 17:15Lutinebella120LAY£0.16£0.16GB
07/04/2022 17:15Lutinebella120LAY£0.08£0.08GB
07/04/2022 17:15Leading Theatre140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 17:15Leading Theatre70LAY£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 17:15Leading Theatre70LAY£0.27£0.27GB
07/04/2022 17:08Ideal Guest200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 17:08Ideal Guest100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 17:08Ideal Guest100LAY£0.20£0.20GB
07/04/2022 17:00Bright Sovereign160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13IE
07/04/2022 17:00Bright Sovereign80LAY£0.13£0.13IE
07/04/2022 17:00Bright Sovereign80LAY£0.26£0.26IE
07/04/2022 16:52Helford River190BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 16:52Helford River95LAY£0.20£0.20GB
07/04/2022 16:52Helford River95LAY£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 16:45Appian Way120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16IE
07/04/2022 16:45Appian Way60LAY£0.16£0.16IE
07/04/2022 16:45Appian Way60LAY£0.32£0.32IE
07/04/2022 16:45Annie Iraya340BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06IE
07/04/2022 16:45Annie Iraya170LAY£0.06£0.06IE
07/04/2022 16:45Annie Iraya170LAY£0.12£0.12IE
07/04/2022 16:40Shakem Uparry170BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
07/04/2022 16:40Shakem Uparry90LAY£0.11£0.11GB
07/04/2022 16:40Shakem Uparry85LAY£0.23£0.23GB
07/04/2022 16:40Gaelik Coast140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 16:40Gaelik Coast70LAY£0.27£0.27GB
07/04/2022 16:40Gaelik Coast70LAY£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 16:20Full Of Surprises200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 16:20Full Of Surprises100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 16:20Full Of Surprises100LAY£0.20£0.20GB
07/04/2022 16:13Vermilion Cliffs120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16IE
07/04/2022 16:13Vermilion Cliffs60LAY£0.32£0.32IE
07/04/2022 16:13Vermilion Cliffs60LAY£0.16£0.16IE
07/04/2022 16:13Hollywood West190BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10IE
07/04/2022 16:13Hollywood West95LAY£0.21£0.21IE
07/04/2022 16:13Hollywood West95LAY£0.11£0.11IE
07/04/2022 16:05Another Venture380BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
07/04/2022 16:05Another Venture190LAY£0.05£0.05GB
07/04/2022 16:05Another Venture190LAY£0.11£0.11GB
07/04/2022 16:05Le Breuil150BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13GB
07/04/2022 16:05Le Breuil76.54LAY£0.13£0.13GB
07/04/2022 16:05Le Breuil75LAY£0.26£0.26GB
07/04/2022 16:00Big Little Lie170BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
07/04/2022 16:00Big Little Lie85LAY£0.24£0.24GB
07/04/2022 16:00Big Little Lie85LAY£0.12£0.12GB
07/04/2022 15:50Dreams Of Diamonds190BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 15:50Dreams Of Diamonds95LAY£0.11£0.11GB
07/04/2022 15:50Dreams Of Diamonds95LAY£0.21£0.21GB
07/04/2022 15:38Fortune Street140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14IE
07/04/2022 15:38Fortune Street75LAY£0.14£0.14IE
07/04/2022 15:38Fortune Street73.52LAY£0.27£0.27IE
07/04/2022 15:20Supreme Escape100BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16GB
07/04/2022 15:20Supreme Escape50LAY£0.32£0.32GB
07/04/2022 15:20Supreme Escape50LAY£0.16£0.16GB
07/04/2022 15:03Autumn Crusade110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17IE
07/04/2022 15:03Autumn Crusade55LAY£0.17£0.17IE
07/04/2022 15:03Autumn Crusade55LAY£0.34£0.34IE
07/04/2022 15:03Corbin160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12IE
07/04/2022 15:03Corbin80LAY£0.12£0.12IE
07/04/2022 15:03Corbin80LAY£0.24£0.24IE
07/04/2022 14:55Itchy Feet320BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
07/04/2022 14:55Itchy Feet160LAY£0.13£0.13GB
07/04/2022 14:55Bristol De Mai160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.13£0.13GB
07/04/2022 14:55Bristol De Mai80LAY£0.13£0.13GB
07/04/2022 14:55Bristol De Mai80LAY£0.26£0.26GB
07/04/2022 14:35Kotki200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 14:35Kotki100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 14:35Kotki100LAY£0.20£0.20GB
07/04/2022 14:35Menapian170BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
07/04/2022 14:35Menapian85LAY£0.24£0.24GB
07/04/2022 14:35Menapian85LAY£0.12£0.12GB
07/04/2022 14:28Rare Conor80LAY£0.13£0.13IE
07/04/2022 14:28Bravo Team130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17IE
07/04/2022 14:28Bravo Team60LAY£0.17£0.17IE
07/04/2022 14:28Bravo Team60LAY£0.34£0.34IE
07/04/2022 14:20Petit Tonnerre1000BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.05£0.05GB
07/04/2022 14:20Petit Tonnerre190LAY£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 14:20Fautinette140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 14:20Fautinette70LAY£0.27£0.27GB
07/04/2022 14:20Fautinette70LAY£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 14:10Longshanks1000BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 14:10Longshanks100LAY£0.20£0.20GB
07/04/2022 14:10Longshanks100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 14:02Appreciate120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16GB
07/04/2022 14:02Appreciate60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
07/04/2022 14:02Appreciate60LAY£0.31£0.31GB
07/04/2022 13:55Golas Tiep120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16IE
07/04/2022 13:55Golas Tiep60LAY£0.16£0.16IE
07/04/2022 13:55Golas Tiep60LAY£0.31£0.31IE
07/04/2022 13:45Pic Dorhy140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 13:45Pic Dorhy70LAY£0.29£0.29GB
07/04/2022 13:45Pic Dorhy70LAY£0.15£0.15GB
07/04/2022 13:45The Widdow Maker120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
07/04/2022 13:45The Widdow Maker60LAY£0.34£0.34GB
07/04/2022 13:45The Widdow Maker60LAY£0.17£0.17GB
07/04/2022 13:35Saddlers Quest380BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
07/04/2022 13:35Saddlers Quest170LAY£0.05£0.05GB
07/04/2022 13:35Saddlers Quest190LAY£0.11£0.11GB
07/04/2022 13:35Flowing Cadenza110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
07/04/2022 13:35Flowing Cadenza55LAY£0.34£0.34GB
07/04/2022 13:35Flowing Cadenza55LAY£0.17£0.17GB
07/04/2022 13:27Professor Calculus150BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 13:27Professor Calculus70LAY£0.27£0.27GB
07/04/2022 13:27Professor Calculus70LAY£0.14£0.14GB
07/04/2022 13:27Colonel Lesley180BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
07/04/2022 13:27Colonel Lesley90LAY£0.21£0.21GB
07/04/2022 13:27Colonel Lesley90LAY£0.11£0.11GB
07/04/2022 13:20Celine Man110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17IE
07/04/2022 13:20Celine Man55LAY£0.34£0.34IE
07/04/2022 13:20Celine Man55LAY£0.17£0.17IE
07/04/2022 13:20Prince Of Peace200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.09£0.09IE
07/04/2022 13:20Prince Of Peace100LAY£0.09£0.09IE
07/04/2022 13:20Prince Of Peace100LAY£0.18£0.18IE
06/04/2022 19:30Flintstone70BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
06/04/2022 19:30Flintstone36LAY£0.34£0.34GB
06/04/2022 19:30Flintstone36LAY£0.17£0.17GB
06/04/2022 17:30Ravello Sunset150LAY£0.07£0.07GB
06/04/2022 17:30Rubylina140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
06/04/2022 17:30Rubylina70LAY£0.15£0.15GB
06/04/2022 17:30Rubylina70LAY£0.29£0.29GB
06/04/2022 17:10Thunder Lily180BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
06/04/2022 17:10Thunder Lily90LAY£0.11£0.11GB
06/04/2022 17:10Thunder Lily90LAY£0.23£0.23GB
06/04/2022 17:10Connemera Queen400BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.05£0.05GB
06/04/2022 17:10Connemera Queen200LAY£0.05£0.05GB
06/04/2022 17:10Connemera Queen200LAY£0.10£0.10GB
06/04/2022 16:55Albert Bridge1000BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
06/04/2022 16:55Albert Bridge80LAY£0.25£0.25GB
06/04/2022 16:55Albert Bridge80LAY£0.13£0.13GB
06/04/2022 16:55Top Button140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
06/04/2022 16:55Top Button70LAY£0.29£0.29GB
06/04/2022 16:55Top Button70LAY£0.15£0.15GB
06/04/2022 16:30Hartswood160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
06/04/2022 16:30Hartswood80LAY£0.13£0.13GB
06/04/2022 16:30Hartswood80LAY£0.25£0.25GB
06/04/2022 16:20Mystic Moonshadow400BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.05£0.05GB
06/04/2022 16:20Mystic Moonshadow200LAY£0.10£0.10GB
06/04/2022 16:20Mystic Moonshadow200LAY£0.05£0.05GB
06/04/2022 16:15Saltonstall55LAY£0.27£0.27IE
06/04/2022 16:15Saltonstall55LAY£0.14£0.14IE
06/04/2022 16:15Neptune Rock110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10IE
06/04/2022 16:15Neptune Rock55LAY£0.20£0.20IE
06/04/2022 16:15Neptune Rock55LAY£0.10£0.10IE
06/04/2022 14:30Emily Dickinson160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12IE
06/04/2022 14:30Emily Dickinson80LAY£0.12£0.12IE
06/04/2022 14:30Emily Dickinson80LAY£0.24£0.24IE
06/04/2022 14:30Hymn Book Too120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17IE
06/04/2022 14:30Hymn Book Too60LAY£0.34£0.34IE
06/04/2022 14:30Hymn Book Too60LAY£0.17£0.17IE
06/04/2022 14:15Neat And Dandy140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
06/04/2022 14:15Neat And Dandy70LAY£0.27£0.27GB
06/04/2022 14:15Neat And Dandy70LAY£0.14£0.14GB
06/04/2022 13:55Brush Creek160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
06/04/2022 13:55Brush Creek84.79LAY£0.24£0.24GB
06/04/2022 13:55Brush Creek80LAY£0.12£0.12GB
06/04/2022 13:40Virtuoso65LAY£0.16£0.16GB
06/04/2022 13:40Meleagant220BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.10£0.10GB
06/04/2022 13:40Meleagant95LAY£0.20£0.20GB
06/04/2022 13:40Meleagant95LAY£0.10£0.10GB
06/04/2022 13:30Next Second130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
06/04/2022 13:30Next Second65LAY£0.15£0.15GB
06/04/2022 13:30Next Second65LAY£0.29£0.29GB
05/04/2022 17:05Getthepot130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
05/04/2022 17:05Getthepot65LAY£0.29£0.29GB
05/04/2022 17:05Getthepot65LAY£0.15£0.15GB
05/04/2022 17:05Kishorn110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
05/04/2022 17:05Kishorn55LAY£0.17£0.17GB
05/04/2022 17:05Kishorn55LAY£0.34£0.34GB
05/04/2022 16:50Johnny B260BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.12£0.12GB
05/04/2022 16:50Johnny B80LAY£0.13£0.13GB
05/04/2022 16:50Johnny B80LAY£0.25£0.25GB
05/04/2022 16:50Aviewtosea120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 16:50Aviewtosea65LAY£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 16:50Aviewtosea61.94LAY£0.31£0.31GB
05/04/2022 16:35Heritier De Sivola130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
05/04/2022 16:35Heritier De Sivola65LAY£0.29£0.29GB
05/04/2022 16:35Heritier De Sivola65LAY£0.15£0.15GB
05/04/2022 16:25Dark Company140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
05/04/2022 16:25Dark Company70LAY£0.29£0.29GB
05/04/2022 16:25Dark Company70LAY£0.15£0.15GB
05/04/2022 16:25Royal Advice240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 16:25Royal Advice120LAY£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 16:25Royal Advice120LAY£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 16:10One For Dunstan300BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
05/04/2022 16:10One For Dunstan150LAY£0.13£0.13GB
05/04/2022 16:10Normandy Soldier130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.14£0.14GB
05/04/2022 16:10Normandy Soldier65LAY£0.15£0.15GB
05/04/2022 16:10Normandy Soldier65LAY£0.29£0.29GB
05/04/2022 15:25Minella Rebel120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 15:25Minella Rebel60LAY£0.31£0.31GB
05/04/2022 15:25Minella Rebel55LAY£0.15£0.15GB
05/04/2022 15:25Sulbrick240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 15:25Sulbrick120LAY£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 15:25Sulbrick120LAY£0.17£0.17GB
05/04/2022 15:15Lady Lade110BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.17£0.17GB
05/04/2022 15:15Lady Lade55LAY£0.34£0.34GB
05/04/2022 15:15Lady Lade55LAY£0.17£0.17GB
05/04/2022 14:50Love Of Neymore260BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
05/04/2022 14:50Love Of Neymore130LAY£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 14:50Love Of Neymore130LAY£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 14:40Love Is Golden140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 14:40Love Is Golden70LAY£0.15£0.15GB
05/04/2022 14:40March Law140LAY£0.07£0.07GB
05/04/2022 14:40Iberia440BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.02£0.02GB
05/04/2022 14:40Iberia220LAY£0.05£0.05GB
05/04/2022 14:40Iberia220LAY£0.05£0.05GB
05/04/2022 14:05Lion Face120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 14:05Lion Face60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 14:05Lion Face60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 13:50Hartland Quay160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
05/04/2022 13:50Hartland Quay80LAY£0.12£0.12GB
05/04/2022 13:50Hartland Quay80LAY£0.12£0.12GB
05/04/2022 13:50Candyman Can140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.07£0.07GB
05/04/2022 13:50Candyman Can70LAY£0.14£0.14GB
05/04/2022 13:50Candyman Can70LAY£0.14£0.14GB
05/04/2022 13:40William of Orange160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
05/04/2022 13:40William of Orange80LAY£0.13£0.13GB
05/04/2022 13:40William of Orange80LAY£0.13£0.13GB
05/04/2022 13:40Roque It120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
05/04/2022 13:40Roque It60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 13:40Roque It60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
05/04/2022 13:30Mas Poder170BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
05/04/2022 13:30Mas Poder85LAY£0.12£0.12GB
05/04/2022 13:30Copperline340BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.03£0.03GB
05/04/2022 13:30Copperline170LAY£0.06£0.06GB
05/04/2022 13:30Copperline170LAY£0.06£0.06GB
05/04/2022 13:00Red Derek1000BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
05/04/2022 13:00Red Derek85LAY£0.12£0.12GB
05/04/2022 13:00Champagne Terri200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.05£0.05GB
05/04/2022 13:00Champagne Terri100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
05/04/2022 13:00Champagne Terri100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
04/04/2022 17:30Octopus250BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 17:30Octopus80LAY£0.13£0.13GB
04/04/2022 17:30Iskaheen120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 17:30Iskaheen60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
04/04/2022 17:15Och One More Gin120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 17:15Och One More Gin60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
04/04/2022 17:00Strawberry Jack140BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 17:00Strawberry Jack60LAY£0.17£0.17GB
04/04/2022 17:00Miss Messenger130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 17:00Miss Messenger65LAY£0.15£0.15GB
04/04/2022 16:53Havana Party120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 16:53Havana Party60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
04/04/2022 16:30Natalie Rose180BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 16:30Natalie Rose90LAY£0.11£0.11GB
04/04/2022 16:10Red Missile280BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
04/04/2022 16:10Red Missile140LAY£0.07£0.07GB
04/04/2022 16:10Animore130BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 16:10Animore65LAY£0.15£0.15GB
04/04/2022 16:00Loving And Giving250BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 16:00Loving And Giving80LAY£0.12£0.12GB
04/04/2022 15:50Zain Nights1000BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.05£0.05GB
04/04/2022 15:50Zain Nights100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
04/04/2022 15:50The Predictor120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 15:50The Predictor60LAY£0.17£0.17GB
04/04/2022 15:35Marown85BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
04/04/2022 15:35Marown29LAY£0.09£0.09GB
04/04/2022 15:35Amalfi Doug280BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.03£0.03GB
04/04/2022 15:35Amalfi Doug140LAY£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 15:25Easy Equation190BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 15:25Easy Equation95LAY£0.11£0.11GB
04/04/2022 15:25Swinton Noon200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
04/04/2022 15:25Swinton Noon100LAY£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 15:00Etoile Decosse150BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 15:00Etoile Decosse75LAY£0.13£0.13GB
04/04/2022 15:00Lastofthecosmics100BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 15:00Lastofthecosmics50LAY£0.17£0.17GB
04/04/2022 14:50Bernardo Oreilly200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.05£0.05GB
04/04/2022 14:50Bernardo Oreilly100LAY£0.10£0.10GB
04/04/2022 14:40Antwasaprettypenny120BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 14:40Antwasaprettypenny60LAY£0.16£0.16GB
04/04/2022 14:25Off The Beat200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
04/04/2022 14:25Off The Beat100LAY£0.09£0.09GB
04/04/2022 14:15Dazzling Gem230BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 14:15Dazzling Gem95LAY£0.11£0.11GB
04/04/2022 14:05Tacitus230BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
04/04/2022 14:05Tacitus116.25LAY£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 13:50Andre Le Notre200BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
04/04/2022 13:50Andre Le Notre100LAY£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 13:50Jet Legs240BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.04£0.04GB
04/04/2022 13:50Jet Legs120LAY£0.08£0.08GB
04/04/2022 13:40Ard Up160BACKTrade out rule bet-£0.06£0.06GB
04/04/2022 13:40Ard Up80LAY£0.11£0.11GB

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

In Q1 and Q2 of 2022 TradeHost is busier than ever and even more profitable with a whopping 12,271 Betfair markets traded.

All results for the 20,208 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing markets traded are here.

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