Betfair Trader’s Guide To Bitcoin Futures Trading

Introducing Bitcoin Futures Trading on The Digitex Futures Exchange

This article was first published on 5th January 2018 but it may still be of interest to readers today.

Many people are talking about the trading potential of Bitcoin and we’ve had the occasional discussion in the JuiceStorm Trading room as well. The exciting news is that the founder of RacingTraders, Adam Todd, launched a Bitcoin futures market and it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What’s more is there are no transaction fees on any trades on the Digitex Futures Exchange! If you don’t know about Adam then I’ll introduce you to him shortly.

If you are currently trading on Betfair then the Digitex Futures Exchange may prove of interest.  You don’t have to wait for the racing to start in order to make money trading because, as I mentioned,  the Bitcoin futures market is always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The price is always moving. Bitcoin prices are volatile, meaning there are trading opportunities 24/7.
Unlike Betfair trading, there’s no risk of being stuck with a large, unwanted bet that can wipe out your trading bank.

Bitcoin futures are displayed on a one click ladder trading interface just like BetTrader. Hardly surprising really because RacingTraders introduced the first ladder trading interface for Betfair which then became the defacto trading choice for all other software which followed Adam’s ladder.

Bitcoin Commission Free Trading – How Is It Possible?

Digitex uses its own cryptocurrency, called the DGTX token, as the native currency of the futures exchange. Digitex replaces transaction fees on trades by creating and selling a small number of new DGTX tokens each year.

Listen to my podcast with Adam below.

This is possible to do because the DGTX token is in demand from traders.

The DGTX token is in demand because it is the unit of currency on the Digitex Futures Exchange.

The tick value of the Bitcoin futures contract on Digitex is 1 DGTX token.

Your trading profits and losses are denominated in DGTX tokens.

Your margin requirements to open a trading position are payable in DGTX tokens.

Your account balance is denominated in DGTX tokens.

Traders must own DGTX tokens to do anything on the Digitex Futures Exchange.

Traders want to trade on the Digitex Futures Exchange because there are no trading fees.

Bitcoin DGTX Token Sale Was On January 15th 2018

The DGTX is a unique cryptocurrency that will be in high demand from thousands of traders.

There is a total supply of one billion DGTX tokens (1,000,000,000 DGTX).

On January 15th 2018, 700 million DGTX tokens were sold to the public at a price of USD $0.01 per token (1 DGTX = $0.01).

The DGTX token sale will last for 30 days or until all 700 million tokens have been sold, whichever comes first.

Any unsold DGTX tokens at the end of the token sale will be burned/destroyed to maintain the value of the DGTX tokens that were bought.

If the commission-free Digitex Futures Exchange becomes popular, demand from traders who must own DGTX tokens to participate will drive the price of DGTX considerably higher than $0.01.

If you buy $1,000 worth of DGTX tokens in the token sale and the price of DGTX rises to $1 per token you will make $100,000. If the price of DGTX rises to $10 per token you will make $1,000,000.

Cryptocurrency prices are at all time highs now and are predicted to explode in price during 2018. You’ve missed the Bitcoin price rise but DGTX is an opportunity to buy a new cryptocurrency at its rock bottom launch price.

A little bit more about Adam Todd

Adam traded UK horse racing prices professionally on Betfair from 2002 to 2009. His longest winning run was 8 months of full time daily trading without a losing day (240 consecutive winning days).

As a short term price scalper he knew nothing about horse racing and never watched any races.

Adam made money by trading the favourite’s price in the final 10 minutes before the race started.

When the race was about to start he hedged his profit or loss so he made or lost the same amount regardless of the result. Then he would start trading on the next race.

Adam traded on every UK horse race every day, winning 9 out of 10 races.

Betfair trading gave Adam complete freedom, allowing him to travel the world whilst working from internet cafes. His first stop was Barcelona working from the Easy internet cafe on Las Ramblas. The funny thing is that I also used to spend an hour or so at the very same internet cafe when I was living in Barcelona at the same time . Adam left the UK in 2003 and hasn’t lived there since. He made Malta his home for a short while as well.

Adam created the original RacingTraders online community of Betfair traders. He was also both a guest on the old WUBT Radio shows and took over as the host when I went on my Asia tour.

He developed BetTrader, the very first one click ladder trading interface for use on Betfair and, as you may know, BetTrader is still online 14 years later with thousands of daily users.

Why not check out my podcast with Adam when we have a trip down memory lane and talk about Digitex too here?

Digitex has 3 futures markets: BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD. So you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin any time. Tick values of futures contracts are denominated in DGTX tokens, meaning that all profits and losses are settled in DGTX tokens.

I really love that traders on Digitex can start trading immediately without needing to submit a name or any identifying documents of any kind. As an offshore exchange that accepts only DGTX tokens, Digitex is not bound by intrusive, ineffective and pointless KYC/AML regulations that intrude on our privacy and which put us at risk of identity theft by making the exchange a target for hackers seeking personal information. The best way to protect users personal data is not to collect it in the first place!

Another thing to bear in mind is that when transaction fees are removed you get highly liquid markets because traders engage in high volume, single tick trading strategies that are not viable on other exchanges due to commissions. Liquidity is further enhanced by the presence of automated market makers, funded with 20% of the total supply of DGTX tokens, that are programmed to break even whilst keeping spreads tight at all times, even in volatile market conditions.

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