Why Include Hash Tags On Betfair Trading Tweets?

We use hash tags to help you find all related Betfair trades on Twitter.

We use hash tags to help you find all related Betfair trades on Twitter. Below are Betfair Trading Live Tweet screenshots for yesterday, 22nd October 2019. Read more below the images for why you may not be able to see them and the solution. To get the order that the Tweets were published in you’ll want to start at the last image and scroll up anyway.

Twitter has an anti-spam algorithm just like Google.

Many new users sign-up and then wonder why their tweets, hashtags and @mentions are not showing in Twitter search.

Twitter has a huge audience and there is strong potential for real engagement. But like ALL other channels of marketing there will be abuse. Twitter is not naive, so they have strong anti-spam rules of their own just like Google. Whereas Google uses their algorithm to decide rankings, Twitter uses their rules to decide if our Tweets, reTweets, @mentions and Hashtags should be shown at all in Twitter search.

The factors that determine if our hashtags are shown in Twitter search.

Our Twitter account was started March 2009 which is good.

At the time of writing there are 15,815 Tweets which is a good number for 10 years of activity.

At the time of writing we have 1,091 followers – we always need to more to help us be searchable on Twitter.

99% of our Tweets are automated so original text in Tweets is low at around 30% for each Tweet.

Most of our Tweets have links in them which goes against us for Twitter deciding whether to allow our Tweets to be searchable.

The ratio of retweets to tweets is very low – we’ll try harder. 😉

Our ratio of @mentions to tweets is very low – hit us up on Twitter @JuiceStorm and you can help.

The easiest way to give you the best shot when clicking our hash tags and actually seeing what is in our timeline on each selection traded is to make sure you are following BOTH JuiceStorm and RacingTraders. Twitter know we’re related and this really will help.

Just a quick heads up. Don’t forget to ALWAYS click Latest because Twitter search default always gives you Top Tweets which may or may not contain what we Tweeted.

If all else fails and you just can’t see any hash tag search results then we’re probably Shadow Banned on Twitter. If you click the link you can find out more.

You will also be able to see if you’ll have to scroll through our Twitter timeline on any day to see all results for each traded selection because we are currently Shadow Banned. This also might help if you want to trade our selections today.

If you are using our Tweets to trade our selections manually using BetTrader then stay up to date with our trading selections which are published every morning and get TweetDeck – it updates automatically when we Tweet and you can even have a column set up just for us.

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