EyeCatchers Pro

Let the horse racing experts help you.

Racing Traders find the horses on a hot streak, the ones that are performing beyond what anyone thought they could. When a horse is performing well it may make it to the Weekly Eye Catchers Pro list.

The Racing Trader’s technology that provides the foundation for this magnificent tool removes all effort.

You can now track those top horses wherever they race. The Eye Catchers Pro software will tell you the course, the day and the time. It’s just up to you to place the bet.

There is no minimum bankroll required.

If a horse loses its edge then it’s out of the hotlist.

What People are Saying…

I’d like to thank you and your team for helping me understand what it really takes to be successful in racing. Your advice and help is second to none.


Now really you have something here, this is not coincidence, four out of five winners at combined odds of 28/1, minus the horse that came second making it 27/1. As I’ve said before, that’s remarkable. I would say to anyone, follow Michael and don’t be swayed by the market. None of the experts on William Hill radio even mentioned this horse, but putting into practice what this fella preaches puts you way ahead of the rest.


I already have the system from you and its making me pots of money. Averaging over 5 points profit per day using minimum 4/1 SP since middle of September.

Why not give Eye Catchers Pro a try today?

EyeCatchers Pro

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