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JuiceStorm Radio is a blend of many styles and genres of music, carefully selected and mixed by John. He also commented :- “Though I do tend to group tracks by each artist together because that’s the way I like it.”

You’ll hear modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz. What you won’t hear are random computer-generated playlists or commercials – apart from the occasional one just from us. 🙂

Betfair TradingOur specialty is taking an eclectic mix of songs and making them flow together in a way that makes sense harmonically, rhythmically, and lyrically. John says “It’s an art that, to me, is the very essence of radio.”

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JuiceStorm Radio is an online non-commercial radio station, broadcasting 24/7.

JuiceStorm Radio is licensed by PPL. PPL licenses the use of music and collect royalties for the music industry. PPL collects and distributes money for the use of recorded music on behalf of record companies and performers.

We play all your favourite hits from the past and the best from now.

We want to entertain you with fun music and, eventually, live Betfair trading and betting news. Nothing more and nothing less, and all that for free!

Our music servers are based at different locations in the world and belong to the fastest ones on the net.

Fancy listening in your favourite media app? Then just click here and save the link in your player. John uses AIMP  on mobile – as you can see in the screenshot – tablet and desktop versions are also available. All free!

You can now listen to JuiceStorm Radio on all platforms, on all operating systems and with all music players on PC, smart-phones as well as tablets.

We are always amazed by the memory of some of our long term readers here at JuiceStorm Towers. One reader recently pointed out that JuiceStorm is going back to its roots. JuiceStorm.com was started to broadcast a weekly live phone in and talk show which has had many great guests since 17th February 2007. This complimented the Betfair trading news articles we used to publish every week.

Let’s sign off with a message from our founder.

We now broadcast 24/7 and Betfair trading articles are published every day. Hundreds of articles are also published by our Juice editorial teams every year on horse racing and football too!

Our FREE trading and betting Boost selections updated  24/7 continue to be profitable for both traders and gamblers.

It’s been a great journey and I look forward to being here to serve our community for the next decade and beyond!

John – Man of Mystery