WUBT Betting Radio – WizardGold

My guest this week live on WUBT Wednesday 14th January 2009 at 1.00pm UK time is Wizardgold.

He is currently using a strategy from Football Cash Generator by John Duncan which is a well written, comprehensive manual that shows in precise detail how John has used his system to produce guaranteed profit opportunities from the live betting markets on Betfair. Wizardgold is mainly involved in the over 2.5 goals market.

The idea is to lay the team that has just let the goal in and is therefore at that time the loser in the game. The second part of the strategy is to put in a back bet on the 1-2 or 2-1 scoreline, which way depends on whether the home or away team scored first.

It seems like a good strategy but you do need to be aware that some games it will not work, like games that have only late goals. The other thing is the possibilities when the underdog team scores first and it was a lucky goal. You might decide that the loser at that time is still likely to win and perhaps by more than the 1-2 scoreline. We’ll find out how Wizardgold has been doing with this strategy on Wednesday.

He’s also a past user of Sports Trading Workstation which I mentioned in the post about Turftrax. Dave, AKA Wizardgold, is also using an 80/20 bet on the place markets which as regular listeners will know I regularly advocate and you can check up on Nick Shiambouros’ daily 80/20 bet here.

It promises to be a great show and I hope you’ll join us live. But, as always, you can listen any time to all the shows in the player above.

WUBT last week was in Australia with The Badger, this week it’s Spain and soon we’ll have a show live from Thailand, where I’ll be, re-broadcast by the WUBT production team (AKA Lee) in Malta with another guest who is a poker playing pro in Argentina. The mind boggles.

Finally, I just want to say a very large Juicestorm WUBT thank you to all past and future guests who give their time so freely because without them none of this would be possible. And thank you also to the hundreds of people who have commented here and elsewhere.

Good luck to you all as always.

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