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When U Bet Today launches the next series of radio shows on Wednesday 5th November 2008. It’s Guy Fawkes day in the UK so we’ll be going out live right on this blog with a huge betting bang.

My first guest is Jon over at TalkBet who made “…a major balls up of global proportions mid August 2007 when he deleted his blog in a flouncy hissy fit.” It’s a shame really because he had some great content there. But it has now built up again. If you want to ask Jon any questions then just Skype them in to me when the show’s live. Add WhenUBetToday to your contacts now so you’ll be ready if you want to.

We’ll be chatting about his Powerstats which are up and down a bit in terms of profit. He’ll also be telling us about his background in the markets and how he makes a profit using Betting Exchanges. We’ll also find out if he’s back from the brink of disaster with his in play football application which has managed to get shafted for over £700 in the last 2 days! And lots, lots more. It promises to be a great show. And I’ll also be calling out BetbotPRO’s adventures as well. Will the bank blow live? Tune in and find out.

There are loads more live radio shows lined up as well. Future guests will include the legendary blogger Leon of Don’t Give Up Your Day Job and Klaus, the author of BetDruid who has created two applications for trading either in Betdaq or Betfair. Both applications are free and he writes “they will be a community driven development and will remain free.” Good on you Klaus!

There are more guests lined up as well and if you fancy chatting to me live or in a podcast for later broadcast on WUBT Betting Exchange Radio just Skype me or telephone +44 (0) 1273 782696 or use the contact form.

Ladies and gents, have a great day’s racing and a fantastic weekend.

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