Red Dog

Risk Category E, high risk

House edge 2.75-3.16 depending on how many decks of cards are used. Most casinos use 1 deck, with the highest house edge. Variance is 1.6.

Red Dog is not a good choice for completing a WR because of its high house edge.

The game involves betting on the spreads between 2 cards, the spread being the size of the gap between them (eg the spread between 3 and 7 is 3). You win if the 3rd card falls within the spread. Winnings are calculated from a standard pay table.

Strategy for Red Dog is quite simple. Raise your bet on all spreads of 7 or greater, as the chance of winning these 1:1 pay hands is greater than 50%. This strategy remains the best with any number of decks.

There is a full account of how to play the game, paytables, differences between softwares etc here.

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