Multiple Arbs and Underlaying

These 2 videos by Gentari use the old arb finder, which does not work any more, but you can use the Oddsmatcher in exactly the same way.  They also use the old Betfair Extras watch window, which was a handy little tool developed by Betfair, but unfortunately it ceased to work when they changed the website.  You can, however, use the techniques talked about in these videos without it.

The Arb Finder and Underlaying.
Gentari gives a demonstration of the ArbFinder in this video and also a look at his Arbitrage Underlay Calculator which you can find in our Spreadsheet Library.

Multiple Arbs in One Race.

This video shows Gentari talking about another good idea when using the Arb finder. If you find more than 1 arb in the same race you can end up paying less or even no commission.

We are always happy to see winners as underlaying really helps the profit (see the Arb Finder and underlaying video), but having more runners in the same race has an added benefit.

As you can see from the screenshot below Dinner Date did win. This not only means I get the full benefit of underlaying the arb (about £30 in this case).

I also have the added bonus of not paying commission on the 2 other runners in the race so I have gained £1.72 on Freedom Fire and £1.31 on Trusted Venture.

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