Risk Category C, slight risk

House edge depends on software – Wagerworks around 3.0, Chartwell and World Gaming around 6.0, and Net Ent around 11, which is extremely high. Variance is approximately 0.6 (extremely low) for the more likely result (with lower odds) and approximately 2.5 on the less likely (higher odds) result.

This is a very simple game where you have to guess whether the next card or spin will be higher or lower than the current one.

The strategy is to refresh the game until you get a very high or very low number showing, then bet hi or lo accordingly. Many hi-lo games are designed such that it is impossible to draw the same value on the next draw. If a tie is allowed, some games treat this as a push and others as a loss. There are also some games where it is impossible to draw the minimum or maximum value on the first hand. Hi-lo is therefore not usually risk free.

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