General Bonus Tactics

There are a few tactics that can be used on some offers which can greatly increase the chances of you finishing with a profit. These are listed here in order to help you assess the possibilities if you find something not covered in the knowledge base. Always make sure these tactics are allowed for the offer you are considering before trying them.

Cover all outcomes as long as any loss involved is outweighed by free money – the basis of matched betting, arbing and dutching. Occasionally you can do this with other offers too, particularly if offers, virtual football and risk free roulette. If attempting this make sure it is not forbidden in the T&Cs and NEVER back all outcomes for the same sporting event with the same bookmaker.

Refresh the page until you get an advantageous starting point – works for games where you can see the first part of the game before you bet. Examples Top Trumps, Hi-Lo, Treasure Tomb. Does not work with games like Blackjack where you bet before you see any cards.

Remove your money so that you play with bonus money only, for offers which use real money first. You don’t have to withdraw, you can often remove the money to a separate wallet (eg poker) or place a bet with it. Check carefully that what you are intending to do doesn’t void the bonus, as this sort of thing sometimes does. This works with skill games, the WH live casino and some tricky signup offers (where you can bet the whole balance). It does not work with most casino signup offers, for which it is very risky to bet the whole balance, and this may not be allowed anyway.

Underlay to guarantee a bigger win if you win at the bookie. This helps offset the likely costs/losses if you have to complete a large WR or change currency when you withdraw.

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