Risk category B, Low risk for the strategy below. Other bets have much higher risk and are not recommended.

House edge and variance vary depending on what you bet on.

Craps is a somewhat complicated game but like Roulette, it is possible to bet on opposite outcomes at the same time, and this is almost always specifically excluded from bonus offers. If you try it you may well get banned for bonus abuse nowadays.

Low risk strategy:

Unless your come out roll (the first part of the bet) loses (2 dice, 1 chance in 36) you retain 100% of your stake. If it loses you lose £20.

1. Place £10 on both pass and don’t pass (Total £20) – RISK BET – This bet will lose if you get double 6 on the first throw (double 1 in some casinos).

2. If the come-out (first) roll was 4 or 10, stake £20 on DON’T PASS and £10 on PASS (Total stake £50)

If the come-out roll was 5 or 9, stake £21 on DON’T PASS and £14 on PASS (Total stake £55)

If the come-out roll was 6 or 8, stake £24 on DON’T PASS and £20 on PASS (Total stake £64)

If its anything else, don’t bet.

3. Roll the dice until the game has a result. This can take some time, but you cannot lose this game at this point.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until the WR is complete.

The main point to remember is to double check all the amounts you bet. It is crucial you get them right – placing the amounts for the wrong initial roll will result in a loss for some results.

The game is quite hard to follow at first and you are advised to play it in free mode until you can see what happens. Basically you bet before the first throw, then you can bet again and throwing continues until something wins or loses. Read a full description and game rules here.

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