BetTrader Show with Adam Todd

The second BetTrader show will be live on Saturday 15th Aug 12:00 (U.K. Time). The player will appear at the top of the sidebar 15mins before the show starts.

Adam will reveal more about BetTrader Evolution, the new Betfair Trading application he is releasing at RacingTraders.


This Week

News about BetTrader Evolution.

We have Sam Priestley (Granthrax) a forum member from Gambling Times who was the winner of their month long trading competition.

Victor Porter from the new Sport Exchange Shop in Warrington will be joining me on air to talk about the opening of his facilities next month.

The Badger will be dropping by for for some top Trading Tips.

And Adam will be taking a look around the blog-a-sphere to see what everyone has been up to.

If you have any questions post them here.

Links for this show

The BetTrader Evolution Teaser

The Gambling Times Trading Forum

The BetSeventyTwo Membership Site

The Badgers Sett

The Sport Exchange Shop


Full-time Traders Mindset

Adam Heathcote


Tradeshark Tennis

Green All Over

Mastering Betfair

JuiceStorm Live

#Betfair Newt 7th Jul/2m5f Hcap Chs at 17:20 UK time.

A straight gamble. We have a BACK on #Trumps Benefit matched at better than 19.5.

More at

About 12 minutes ago

Crypto Trading

Fancy learning how to trade crypto manually or using a bot? Commission free? You’ll be using the ladder trading interface that you’re familiar with which RacingTraders introduced and all other Betfair trading applications copied.

Take a look at TradeZone and DigiBot here.

If you haven’t already now would be a good time to join the Digitex University to watch our friends at Lion Asset Management trade BTCUSD commission free live 24/7 at Digitex Futures.

80% of private investors trade the wrong way and that is why they lose money trading. Worse still, they spend thousands with “teachers” – mostly charlatans who have been sacked, failed in finance or are just internet marketers.

If anyone wants to learn to trade, then speak to someone who is legally responsible for managing other people’s money. And has been doing it, profitably, for a very long time.

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    Breeze says

    YAY !! i am tuning inthats for sure … bet Trader Evo looks nice and i cant wait to get ma trigger happy fingers on it !!!

    Mr. M .. please ask him about Charts if there are any new and if so waht exactly they are gonna look like ??!!

    looking forward to hear the show.. take care


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    jim says

    Thanks for the Google crome its alot faster than explorer

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