BetTornado – Watch and Mini Watch

Sometimes you may want to keep an eye on selections from more than one market at the same time, for example if you have several unmatched bets, or if you are waiting for odds to change.   We have designed the watch mode and the mini watch to enable you to do this and carry on betting on other markets.  You can add as many selections as you like to the watch, from different markets and on different sports and you can rearrange them on the screen to put the ones you want in the top 4.  Betting through watch mode is done on the betslip:

Selections are loaded into watch mode from a popup opened by tapping on the circle on the market title bar in either bet mode or trade mode.  This will only open if the market itself is open to view:

Tap on the magnifying glass icon to add to the watch, tap on it again to remove.  The same popup is used to hide selections in the market – tapping on the selection name in the popup will hide that selection, which then shows as greyed out in the popup – tap again to un-hide.  A number appears in the circle showing how many selections are hidden.

The top 4 selections in watch mode show in the mini watch, below the menu, and this is visible in all modes in landscape view.  Tapping on the odds in the mini watch enables you to place your default stake at those odds:

Here I have just tapped the blue 8.6 in the mini watch.  You cannot edit bets placed through the mini watch.

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