Arbing US racing

Video by Gentari.

Arbing horse racing other than that in the UK and Ireland is full of dangers. Most countries do not have fixed odds bookmakers and operate a pool betting system, and bookmakers may put up “guide prices” which bear absolutely no resemblance to the odds at which you actually get paid. As these are often much bigger than the true odds they can trick you into thinking you have found an arb.

This video demonstrates what could happen if you were watching the evening racing on At The Races and heard them talking about a big US race. You might look at the market on Betfair, see there was some liquidity on the favourite, and start looking for bookies prices. We show you what not to do and what is safe.

In general you should treat any odds on horse racing (even on UK/Irish races) at any other than the major bookies as dangerous unless you can see the words “fixed odds”. The bookies on the finder all do fixed odds betting on UK and Irish racing and therefore if you are unsure you are safest sticking to these.

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