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The number of runners, largest winner and lowest price loser on Betfair from yesterday.

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In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

In Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022 TradeHost is busier than ever and even more profitable with a whopping 16,960 Betfair markets traded.

All results for the 24,897 Betfair markets traded are here.

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24 days left in 2022... - Focus 100% on your edge - NEVER break your rules - Develop confidence - Aim for consistency Don't wait 2023 to change your Betfair Trading. Just do it.

  1. ItIsMagic says

    206 AU horse trades since midnight. A new TradeHost record? Up £458.

  2. Adam Hughes says

    A great week on TradeHost. Loving the AU & UK greyhound profit most days.

  3. BetTraders says

    Ta for the early release of the December TradeHost portfolio. £387 Betfair profit yesterday.

  4. BetfairTipster says

    £288 horses and greyhound profit on Betfair yesterday and not everything went right for us. Cool.

  5. Eddie says

    Up £269 yesterday on Betfair with TradeHost. Thanks everyone and happy Christmas.

  6. JackTheHat says

    My TradeHost year 4. Solid return every year on Betfair. Yesterday £392, thanks.

  7. Eddie says

    A strong Betfair Trading 2022 finish for members. Another great year for me. Thanks all.

  8. RedRum says

    2022 – another Betfair year nearly over. Thanks for your hard work. Delighted with my bot’s profit.

  9. Tanya says

    15 years later and I still visit here every day. So many other Betfair sites come and go. Well done JS.

  10. Terry says

    Nice seeing some of these feed in to TradeHost for Betfair on autopilot. So good.

  11. Harry says

    Year 5 on TradeHost with you lot and a marvelous 2022 ROI with Betfair.

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