Training Lessons I Learned Trading On Betfair

I have been involved in the training of professional currency traders in another place for well over a decade. During that time, I have learned a great deal about what makes trading success or failure. The development of trading expertise is not so different from the development of elite performance in other fields, such as athletics and chess. It follows from a sustained developmental process.

Unfortunately, aspiring Betfair traders can find few structured outlets for professional development or training. There are few comparable developmental platforms for young people seeking to build knowledge and skills in sports trading markets.

One result of this lack of developmental focus is a high failure rate, especially among active traders. Many traders do not learn from their losses and eventually give up.

Trading success exists across diverse ways of attacking markets and can be cultivated through structured training and programmes of development. The best known example of this has been the development of mentoring and trading courses provided by Tony Hargraves who is Head of Education at RacingTraders.

Via training, we discover where our passions and talents lie, and we cultivate those through structured learning, mentoring, and coaching. Trading success consists of finding one’s niche within the Betfair markets.

In short, the aspiring Betfair trader is best served by not trying to go it alone. Young athletes don’t try to make the Olympics on their own; nor do they join professional sports teams that way. Early career talent requires well structured developmental platforms that turn potential into performance. Those platforms exist at hedge funds, investment banks, and proprietary trading firms and they are succeeding. The great news is that they now exist at the RacingTraders University.

You could also join 150 traders in the JuiceStorm Trading room on Skype. I’ll see you there with Tony and Anne soon? Hope to.

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