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Wow. Superb bets last week and from two to 34 subscribers in less than a week from our readers who are now copying the WhyLose Betfair account on CopyBet. Thanks everyone. Great support.

But now the really good news. If you were in at the start – ten of you were – then you have seen a return of around 20% assuming the same % stakes on your bets  and trades relevant to your bank and mine. I guess we have a lot of happy bunnies out there.

I have now reduced the trade volume – straight bets are unaffected – because if you want to trade in the last 10 minutes before the off then it is better that you use BetTrader for manual Betfair Trading or BfBotManager V3 for fully automated Betfair Trading. If you go automated then copy the URL here and paste it in to the free strategy called Bet On All Imported Tips in BfBotManager or get full details from the Betfair Tipster.

So why did I reduce the trade volume? Simple really. I have now completed an audit of all subscribers’ trades up to Sunday 23rd July 2018 and trades that are traded on some WhyLose systems are not matching at acceptable prices. It was always a long shot to hope that such a simple solution as CopyBet could really provide an effective solution for automated Betfair Trading in the last few minutes before the off.


Early doors Betfair Trading will continue because it gives CopyBet a better chance to match all subscribers at the same price on Betfair. In fact, many subscribers for some trades have been matched at better prices than me. The cheek of it! Straight bets are not an issue.

As you know the bets and trades continue to be provided by the Betfair Tipster and he has asked me to remind everyone that as many readers here have now made a few quid from his selections please, if you wouldn’t mind, donate to the JuiceStorm Betfair Trading charity of choice at The Injured Jockeys Fund. On a personal note, it really is embarrassing how so few readers have. Even a fiver sent from your mobile is appreciated.

The target return is 1% daily. Historically, the  Betfair Tipster  has produced an ROI  around 20% and a strike rate of over 24%. 19 days in to CopyBet and it looks like we’ll smash that target to bits for the first 30 days!

CopyBet has been discontinued on 31st August 2018. After a great start we took a dip and in the last seven days we recovered with an 18% return on the week. However, the copier numbers have dwindled and the platform is not suited to copying trades. Straight bets with no Betfair Trading element works fine for users. The return over the 57 day period was +41.47% but, sadly, we still ended down on the month.

On Saturday 21st July 2018 I changed the stake from  0.5% of a virtual £100 bank with a ratchet for the straight bets – Betfair Trading stakes are unaffected – to 0.25% of a virtual bank of £200 with a ratchet. This had the effect of reducing the stakes back to around what they were at the start. In some races more than one selection is traded and may have up to 4 point straight bets. You can spot those because up to 4 identical bets will appear  – equivalent to 4 points – and many will appear early doors if they match the Betfair Tipster tissue price.

On these occasions 4 points will now equate to 1% – instead of 2% – of the virtual bank and keep within an acceptable risk profile. Please bear in mind that stake sizes will continue to grow daily as long as there is a profit on the day. I trust we’ll be back to bigger stakes soon. 😉


A Betfair matched trade or bet from the WhyLose Betfair account appears on CopyBet two seconds after it is opened on Betfair and it is placed simultaneously for both the Provider – in the WhyLose profile for the record – and in to all Subscribers to the WhyLose account on each subscriber’s Betfair account. Each bet is then recorded in each subscriber’s CopyBet account.


Please note that each trade or bet will try to be copied with the same odds that WhyLose receives. If the price is no longer available all subscriber trades or bets will be copied at the best available odds. This will guarantee that trades will ALWAYS be completed as intended by the  WhyLose  account and risk minimised. However, due to order flow, profit may vary slightly for each subscriber for traded bets due to market volatility.

As regular readers know, every single selection comes from here. And what great selections they continue to be!

many highlights – three examples are in the images above – but my favourite was C E Weare’s Masquerade Bling with Trainer Neil Mulholland which won in the 17:20 Wolverhampton 7 furlong handicap on Wednesday 18th July 2018.

Masquerade Bling was backed early doors at 16.50 – BSP 14.00 – and, as you can see on the right in the image below, ten WhyLose CopyBet subscribers backed it for two points.

In Other News
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A blended approach of very selective, restricted Betfair Trading and straight bets that have proved profitable over time may lead many readers to consider this the best of both worlds.

This system is completely free of charge. There is no cost to join CopyBet. The only catch is that you can only subscribe for a week at a time. But you’re welcome to re-subscribe at WhyLose for free as often as you like.

You can get copying a blended approach to Betfair Trading and betting which is completely automated in less than 5 minutes by copying WhyLose.

Below is a snapshot of WhyLose Early Doors CopyBet Trades taken at 9:00am on Friday 20th July 2018. Pending and completed trades are included. 83.5% of such trades are profitable with a long term positive expectancy.


Just a reminder that if you wish to register at CopyBet now then feel free to do so but do NOT start copying  WhyLose until AFTER the last race on any day because many bets and trades are placed early doors overnight and the morning before racing.

WhyLose is now the most subscribed to system at CopyBet. Thanks everyone. Please remember to resubscribe every week. I could change that by charging subscribers but I guess most of you don’t mind doing a couple of clicks weekly and we’ll keep it free? 😉
Praeceps wins for us in the last race of the day at Salisbury on Saturday 28th July 2018 with a BSP of 22.
Riven Light wins for us at the 19:40 Galway 31st July 1m Handicap at 16 with a BSP of 13.38 taking the profit for the day so far to £15.31.

Betting And Betfair Trading Systems Update 30th July 2018

As we near the end of July the following systems from the master list are now suspended:-

  • Athena -£2.29,
  • Demeter -£8.54,
  • Led LTO Speed -£16.16 ,
  • Wind Op 2 Modified -£5.90
  • Zeus  -£4.89

The losses above relate to the period 10th June 2018 to 29th July 2018.

Bets for today, 30th July 2018, are already placed so the changes will take effect tomorrow.

The systems will continue to be monitored for a return to profitability over any 4 week rolling period and readers will be notified when they are activated again.

6th August 2018 Staking Update

The selections from the Betfair Tipster will remain unchanged.

However, betting stakes have now reduced and Betfair Trading stakes have increased.

Betting stakes are now 0.1% of a £160 virtual bank and Betfair Trading stakes are 1.5% of a £100 virtual bank with a ratchet.

If anybody is thinking of quitting CopyBet then I suggest you don’t. What might be a good idea though is to reduce your stakes even further – check your CopyBet account for details on how – and just follow along with nominal stakes until we return to a profitable run and your confidence returns.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE, US & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

2022 saw TradeHost become even more profitable with 22,698 Betfair markets traded.

All trades and bets were streamed live on JuiceStorm TV which was was watched by 124,209 Betfair Traders in 2022.

All results for the 30,635 Betfair markets traded are here and the charts are here.

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