Automated Or Manual Trading On Betfair?

You asked if I still trade on Betfair? Find out how and when now.

I have an automated trading strategy on Betfair. I used to trade on Betfair every day but I found it incredibly dull. Once I figured out a set of profitable tactics combined with a simple strategy that was profitable I had achieved my goal. I then had to consider do I really want to switch from one market screen to another market screen every day?

Hmm… hold on a minute John. Are you full of crap?

Here’s the thing. Like everyone I have my good and not so good days. Today my CLA (Crap Level Alert) monitor is nowhere near a level for concern. So, if you have a moment, please read on.

On balance I felt I could use my time better elsewhere. It would be less profitable but when you get to a certain stage in life and many of your friends and acquaintances are dropping like flies it really does make a life work balance important. For me, today, and for the last 10 years, life always comes first.

Many regular readers know that I have business interests in other markets. Even there though 90% of the heavy lifting is automated with traders that are far more talented than me managing outcomes occasionally.

I take my hat off to the likes of Tony Hargraves, Peter Webb and Caan Berry who have traded manually for far longer than me on Betfair. And they continue to do so to this day. They are the people to aspire to. To emulate. Betfair traders that are profitable day in day out, month on month, year on year. Even though as I write this with the AC humming peacefully behind Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major and it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement here at JuiceStorm Towers in Malta I still have to consider my readers’ requests.

Several emails have a common theme. They comment on the live Racing Traders Webinars which I host and how everyone loves the shows. In fact, they have become so successful that back on Monday 27th June 2017 we had hundreds who had registered but couldn’t join the webinar live because we ran out of seats. Sorry. We have a back up plan now. The common thread is that everyone wants to see more live trading. Real money trading on real live horse racing. But there’s only so much one person – Tony – can do. No other successful Betfair trader trades live AND shares his screen warts and all. So, what do we do?

Well, some of you have already asked me to get involved. Who am I to say no? It may be a right royal balls up. Can I trade my automated strategy and tactics manually still? Will I be consistent? Maybe tune in and find out? The ONLY way to find out first will be if you register – free – for our newsletter below this article. There are no fixed dates yet as I’m off to MOM Towers in France for summer – it’s too hot in Malta – but join our mailing list as the ONLY way way to be kept in the loop.

As I have accepted the challenge let’s now move away from manual trading and on to automated trading on Betfair which is closer to my heart and which does, in fact, allow me the luxury to do what I want to do when I want to do it. Which includes me writing to you now, my dear reader.

There are many Betfair automated trading solutions available. I have used Bet Bot Pro and Betting Assistant with RonBot via Excel triggers extensively. Even Peter Webb nowadays runs automated trading strategies to compliment his manual trading using his great BetAngel trading platform. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

My preferred automation trading solution today is from Rade Jameirez, the founder of BFBotManager. I use Version 3 and have done so for over a year. I love it. But if you fancy something a little simpler then Mark Baker’s BetExtrader may be the way to go.

Regular readers know that I consider tactics to be much more important than strategy when it comes to making money trading the Betfair market. BFBotManager allows millions of permutations of different tactics and strategies which if you were to give a little consideration to AFTER you have traded manually for some time it may allow you to build an automated profitable bot for certain market conditions.

Building a Betfair bot for all horse racing markets with all market dynamics built in is still very much a work in progress. And has been for over 10 years. Will I ever get there? I hope so. It’s fun to try. Just always make sure that the first rule you write is to hedge all positions BEFORE the market goes in play. Take the loss if you have to. Suck it up. And move on. Unless you have a clear inplay exit strategy with a sufficiently wide stop loss. Automated, of course. 🙂

I prefer automated trading to manual trading. But if you want to catch me trading live on Betfair using BetTrader then the only way is to register – free – for our newsletter below this article. But as I’m doing this live then you need to watch live too. You will never find a live trading video that I produce anywhere else. Once the stream finishes – which may be for 10 minutes or several hours depending on the prices and price relationships – there’s a clue on a tiny element of my automated strategy – then it’s gone forever. Publicly.

You may be wondering why?

Well, if you want to watch Betfair trading videos there are thousands on YouTube. Tony and I also produced a great training video series here. Use Juice as a coupon code and get 30% off just for today! You see, you have many choices. More are added daily. But what I’m really interested in is: LIVE. REAL. TRADING. It’s clear that is what interests you too!

But all is not lost. When Lee built to become my new home – over 10 years ago – very quickly we had hundreds of members which, eventually, turned in to thousands. It was a free membership site. We made a little from affiliate links over the years – thanks guys – and members got the heads up early on new opportunities. We are relaunching the membership site again. Newsletter subscribers will all become founding members of V2.

Along with current members of V1 everyone will have access to my live real money trading videos on a rolling programme similar to the BBC’s iPlayer. They’ll be available for a month and then disappear in to the hidden JuiceStorm archives. Only to be dusted off occasionally in the future. and only available to our loyal Juice members.

So if you’re out at work when the horse racing is on then – did I say this already – register – free – for our newsletter below this article. It’s the only way to watch me trading live and to become a member when we launch soon.