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JuiceStorm Tips & Trades for Betfair features just the UK and IE horse racing selections.

Due to demand from our traders and gamblers we have launched JuiceStorm Tips & Trades on Telegram.

JuiceStorm Tips & Trades features just the UK and IE horse racing selections which used to be published in JuiceStorm Trading along with AU and UK greyhound racing. US and AU horse racing selections will also continue to be shared in JuiceStorm Trading.

Hundreds or members will now be able to focus on just UK and IE horse racing in JuiceStorm Tips & Trades for a monthly membership of only £20 payable by card or crypto.

Why bother? Our automated and manual traders have seen a profit of £2,008 on the gambles and £432 on the tissue trades since 16th March 2022 at 100X default TradeHost Lite stakes. The winners are in the table below.

Both the gambles and the trades use our own betting tissue. It’s a way of pricing up a race to create our own odds for each horse. Our Tissue Bot – part of TradeHostTradeLive and TradeHost Lite – compares its odds with the prices available on Betfair.

The aim is to spot horses that may be overpriced. If it calculates a horse should be around 2/1 and it is on offer at 3/1, then it has a value bet and/or trade.

We continue to share what we are considering the night before on JuiceStorm TV. It’s free. But if you want to know what we’re doing with each selection – if anything – then now you can join JuiceStorm Tips & Trades on Telegram. Hundreds of traders have used our selections profitably over the last 2 years. Many use BetTrader.

JuiceStorm Tips & Trades is open now and there’s a 3 day free trial. The tips are published around one hour before each race and the tissue trades up to eight hours before each race so you have plenty of time to get involved.

Start timeCountry codeSelectionAvg.
26/04/2022 19:25GBEspressoo2.24
26/04/2022 16:05GBNoon Star1.84
26/04/2022 15:40IEParty Central4
26/04/2022 14:10GBAkhu Najla2.04
24/04/2022 14:20GBCopper Mountain9.2
23/04/2022 15:28GBState Of Bliss5.1
23/04/2022 14:45GBHappy Power3.25
22/04/2022 16:10GBEmily Upjohn2.84
22/04/2022 15:45GBMinella Trump3.05
22/04/2022 14:25GBMostahdaf1.7
22/04/2022 13:50GBWanees5.3
22/04/2022 13:30GBKnickerbockerglory1.5
21/04/2022 16:55GBDurragh7.2
21/04/2022 16:15IEFaron4.5
21/04/2022 14:05GBGardefort3.35
20/04/2022 18:00GBHey Ho Lets Go4.7
20/04/2022 17:16GBFarmers Gamble5.9
20/04/2022 16:00GBHa Long Bay4.3
20/04/2022 15:00GBDreams Of Home2.58
20/04/2022 14:25GBUbetya6.4
20/04/2022 13:00GBSayadam1.58
19/04/2022 14:10GBThe Navigator3.21
18/04/2022 17:12GBBlade Runner2.12
18/04/2022 16:50GBThundersockssundae3
18/04/2022 16:17GBEavesdropping2.5
18/04/2022 16:15GBDanny Whizzbang2.48
18/04/2022 16:05GBRoman Mist5.2
18/04/2022 15:55GBNot That Fuisse2.66
18/04/2022 15:05GBTransatlantic1.7
18/04/2022 14:52GBLight N Strike2.74
18/04/2022 14:30GBClemencia2.4
18/04/2022 14:20GBAl Husn5.2
18/04/2022 13:45GBOcean Cloud2.92
18/04/2022 13:35GBMoulins Clermont3.75
17/04/2022 17:10GBSalamanca School9.6
17/04/2022 15:36GBLucky Flight3.25
17/04/2022 15:25GBBourbali3.35
17/04/2022 15:21GBLife of Dreams2.24
17/04/2022 15:15GBGrangeclare Glory3.05
17/04/2022 14:50GBRichie Valentine9.6
17/04/2022 14:46GBRazeyna9.8
17/04/2022 13:10IEPrairie Dancer1.67
16/04/2022 16:55GBAlablaq2.96
16/04/2022 14:25GBWild Beauty4.4
16/04/2022 14:19GBSuper Survivor1.88
14/04/2022 17:10GBDr Oakley7.4
14/04/2022 16:35GBEmpirestateofmind4
14/04/2022 16:25GBThe Glancing Queen1.79
13/04/2022 19:30GBCity Derby6.4
13/04/2022 18:10GBSlate House3.95
13/04/2022 17:40GBTerresita4.1
13/04/2022 16:45GBTranquil Night5
13/04/2022 16:10GBNew London2.36
13/04/2022 15:50GBCaptain Cattistock8.76
13/04/2022 15:00GBDouble Or Bubble6
13/04/2022 14:40GBPull Again Green3.1
13/04/2022 13:15GBAmeynah2.44
13/04/2022 13:00GBRousing Encore3.55
12/04/2022 16:10GBCrenelle2.1
12/04/2022 15:35GBCachet3.65
12/04/2022 15:00GBMaster Of The Seas2.5
12/04/2022 14:25GBNew Science3.5
11/04/2022 17:20GBHooked On You4.1
11/04/2022 14:20GBWinnetka7.6
09/04/2022 19:00GBPilot Wings4.1
09/04/2022 19:00GBPilot Wings4.2
09/04/2022 15:00GBGentleman De Mee5.5
09/04/2022 14:40GBMutasaabeq3.15
08/04/2022 20:30GBCaldwell10.5
08/04/2022 19:00GBAcross The Nile8.2
08/04/2022 18:00GBGuess2.14
08/04/2022 15:30GBFakir Doudairies2.34
08/04/2022 14:00GBGold Souk3.4
07/04/2022 16:20GBRed Happy2.74
07/04/2022 15:10GBDiligent6.2
06/04/2022 17:10GBQueen Of Burgundy3.5
06/04/2022 16:40GBFrancesi2.62
06/04/2022 14:30IEAbove The Curve2.28
05/04/2022 15:25GBCoastguard Station2.48
05/04/2022 15:15GBPocket The Profit4.3
02/04/2022 16:02GBFile Illico2.68
02/04/2022 15:35GBWin My Wings9.8
02/04/2022 14:00IEHotel Wren12.5
01/04/2022 17:15GBStringtoyourbow4.6
01/04/2022 16:05GBGet A Tonic3.6
01/04/2022 15:30GBBeakstown4.5
01/04/2022 15:20GBNoman7.6
01/04/2022 13:55GBPull Again Green1.67
31/03/2022 15:30GBBoasty3.4
30/03/2022 17:05GBStormin Crossgales2.08
30/03/2022 15:45GBGiewont6.8
30/03/2022 15:20GBMerry Mistress2.18
30/03/2022 14:00GBBakersboy5.2
30/03/2022 13:45GBSuper Six2.22
29/03/2022 19:30GBCarey Street9.2
29/03/2022 17:10IESupagirl3.95
29/03/2022 15:35GBSainte Doctor5.3
29/03/2022 13:30GBGoa Lil4.7
28/03/2022 17:30GBPrejudice4.3
28/03/2022 13:45GBFinest View2.52
27/03/2022 15:10GBDawn Of Liberation1.85
26/03/2022 15:00GBChindit1.76
26/03/2022 13:56IELaugh A Minute4.8
26/03/2022 13:43GBGive Me A Moment2.04
25/03/2022 14:30GBWest To The Bridge2.08
25/03/2022 13:45GBInca Prince6.2
24/03/2022 15:25IEMahler Allstar1.48
24/03/2022 14:20IEOnly Sky3.35
23/03/2022 13:00GBParisencore1.99
21/03/2022 15:30GBName In Lights2.27
19/03/2022 13:35GBDeeper Blue2.02
18/03/2022 18:15GBMostallim3.5
18/03/2022 15:20GBLough Salt4.9
17/03/2022 16:50GBLove Envoi9.2
17/03/2022 15:45GBLuke1.89
17/03/2022 13:45GBCudgel4.8
17/03/2022 13:30GBBob Olinger2.2
16/03/2022 19:45GBI Know How6.4

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

In Q1 and Q2 of 2022 TradeHost is busier than ever and even more profitable with a whopping 12,271 Betfair markets traded.

All results for the 20,208 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing markets traded are here.

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