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Juicestorm Radio brings you interviews, opinions and general news from the U.K. betting, trading and gambling world. Madness is what it should be called, but we hope you enjoy your distraction twice a week! Currently live twice a week on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. Scroll below to visit the Archives.


The Sport Exchange Show with Victor Porter

Every Saturday (starting in January) Victor Porter hosts the new Sport Exchange Show. Live from the tradin Shop in Warrington, Victor will be interviewing key people in the Sports Betting Industry.

VISIT ARCHIVES: The Sport Exchange Show

WUBT – When You Bet Today Show hosted by Man of Mystery — ARCHIVES

Every Wednesday (Currently on hold) ManofMystery’s original WUBT Show. Running since 2007 the madness continues right here! With a slant towards automation MOM interviews blogger’s and software developers in all corners of the gambling sphere.


The RacingTraders Show hosted by Adam Todd — ARCHIVES

The voice of the Scumbag Trader, Adam Todd’s show is focused on Betfair Trading.

VISIT ARCHIVES: The RacingTraders Show

How to listen

The live feed is located at the top of every page, when live just click play. You can also click on “Pop Up” allowing you to continue browsing whilst listening.

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You have to be really brave for this one! We would love to have a sponsor for Juicestorm Radio, get in contact if you are in the U.K Gambling Industry. We will get some Statistics here shortly of pplay counts, we cant believe they are so high!

Disclaimer: Don’t take WUBT to seriously, we are far from professional!