7 Consecutive Losers

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And we’re still going strong! It happened on Sunday 19th October and the full results are here. There was a carry over recovery so the Initial Stake started at £6.45 on the first race in South Africa. Which was also the first race of the day. Seven losers later and the recovery stake had grown significantly to a lay of £508.47. Then we had a run of five consecutive winners – for BetbotPRO – fortunately. All bets were on the favourite in each race.

At one stage – before settlement of the last two losers – the exposure would have been around £4000. Interestingly, if the market hadn’t been too thin in the 12.15 South African Race 3 when the favourite I Got Vision was beaten by Captain Proudfoot then it would have increased the profit by £594.40 if BetbotPRO had got fully matched. And the Captain went off evens. Value there then. I’ll settle for the profit that I got though.

Now take a look at this. It would appear that BetbotPRO got so excited at the recovery from that position that he decided he’d had enough and did no more recoveries for the day. You can see in the picture that there should have been a further three recoveries but they weren’t started. And there were several more as you can see from later results. So, again, this impacted on the profit for the day and if we’d been matched earlier and the recoveries continued it would have been a vastly more profitable day. The recovery issue continued in to Monday as well and I had to re-install BetbotPRO in to a new folder. This solved it – lucky I kept my security key! The result for the that day was actually £2 better than stated. C’est la vie. 😛

Well, a substantial losing day still has to materialise after 19 days with only one small loss. Rest assured, it will happen though. So stay tuned. And the radio shows will be coming soon. Thanks to Blog Management for the great new look this morning. Cheers Lee. I hope you like it.

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Finally, there was a great post yesterday by Leon over at Don’t Give UP Your Day Job which was concerning Betdaq and he writes “…that it is possible to get bets matched on Betdaq – come on you fellow traders and punters get off your arse and get to Betdaq for the good of us all!” I couldn’t express it better myself mate. He’s agreed to be a guest on WUBT Betting Exchange Radio so you’ll hear more from him soon.

Good luck to you all, as always.

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