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Home to the Juicestorm podcast and our trading & betting directory. Trading software reviews, training products and sport picks, trends, tips, and stats. Founded in 2008 and a part of the Racing Traders Ltd. Company since 2016.

Betfair, Betdaq, Bots and Blogging

There’s trading in there as well but it doesn’t begin with a B.

The author of this blog is Man of Mystery who is English and lives mainly in Malta. Juicestorm.com used to be managed by Lee and it’s thanks to him that we got started again.

The old blog featured the daily adventures of Ronbot, Ronnie’s Excel triggered bot, the MoM Lay of the Day, WUBT – When U Bet Today, Betting Exchange Radio with many great live chats with professional traders and software authors and lots, lots more.

The original blog was hosted back in April 2007 and it quickly featured a live phone in radio show.

2016 and on

The new Juicestrom site sees the live radio swapped for a podcast and great writers who are exports in their field, we also list trading and betting apps and websites that can help you.

Links to other sites and/or referral programs

If you have a site or Blog that would benefit readers here contact us above, but we don’t add every blog requested. If we like your site or blog we may add it, simple as that. If it’s a blog then to be added regular updates are important.

Gamble Aware

Please visit the Gamble Aware Website if someone you know may be spending too much time or money gambling.

Use the Gamble Aware website to help you recognise some of the signs of problem gambling, and to find out where to seek help if you think you may have a problem.

Don’t gamble or trade unless you know the facts. Being responsible about gambling means knowing whether to gamble and how much money or time to spend.

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