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At the request of a reader, I have published the settings I am using today on Bet Bot Pro.

The settings are pretty self-explanatory. If anyone has any questions on what a setting is or why it has been set at a certain level please then just ask and I’ll answer here.

Remember — only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

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9 thoughts on “Bet Bot Pro — Settings and Options

  1. Justin Palmer

    Hi there, cud yu explain to a technical luddite just how this works? From your settings above, what will it actually lay in a particular race?



  2. Man of Mystery

    I could but Justin, this really is the easiest app ever to use. Can I suggest you download a free trial at Bet Bot Pro and simply take it for a test drive on simulated mode? I promise you mate you’ll work it out in no time.

    Copy my settings if you like, tick simulated if you wish or select 10p stakes, select all races bottom left, click load races then when it’s finished loading click start – top middle.

    Please let me know how you get on.

  3. Justin Palmer

    Thanks MOM, I probably will try it out when i get a new laptop in next couple of weeks. My main question though is how does it actually give you an edge in a particular market?

  4. Man of Mystery

    There are many “edges” you can get in this and other financial markets Justin. The traditional way to get an edge in horse racing is to study the form and career stats for horses, jockeys and trainers and research course stats by meeting for jockeys and trainers with runners at relevant meeting – and loads, loads more.

    BetbotPro will not, of course, do any of that for you. It’s simply a mechanism for placing bets, either on your specific selections (where hopefully you’ve done some of the above) or going against or with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th favourite.

    BetbotPro can automatically place Back OR Lay bets on UK, US, AUS, RSA Horse & UK, AUS Greyhound races depending on your criteria.It’s a massive timesaver. It takes just 5-10min to make your daily selections.

    It’s got a Min – Max odds range filter – only places bets if within your limits.It can place bets 1sec – 10min before the race starts and has a min – max number of runners filter

    If you want to focus just on a staking plan – what I do a lot – then there are loads. Level stakes, % bank stake, fixed liability, % bank liability, powerful % recovery staking.

    Stop loss & profit target – ensures you limit losses for the day and stops when your profit target his hit – a great safety feature and one I use every day. And a trailing stop feature to protect profits already won.

    A % Back/Lay ratio filter – stops betting if the back/lay spread is too big which I use at 10% every day. And an unsettled bets allowed filter – stops betting until last x bets have been settled. Mine is set to 3.

    It has a simulation mode which allows you to test your strategies, tipsters services or your own ideas without risking REAL MONEY! You’ll be able to see if you can find an edge!

    And BetbotPro runs while your away – at work or doing other things, saves you sitting at your PC all day.

    An edge in the traditional sense? Maybe not. But a huge time saver? Definitely! And saving time is the biggest edge you’ll ever find in life. So you can do what you want, when you want, where you want. It’s magical. Life is for living.

    Sir, good luck to you as always and have a great day. Yesterday’s results will be published later today.

  5. Morten


    What is our settings for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th favourite.
    Do you have it on the 1st or 2nd or 3 rd or 4th favourite?

    Best Regards


  6. Man of Mystery

    Hi Morten, thanks for posting. Please click the image above in my first post for the settings. They are the same for for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th favourite.

    If I’m around I will start with the favourite and then switch manually to the second favourite when we get in to UK horse racing usually.

  7. Man of Mystery

    BetbotPRO can only get involved in recoveries when it knows they’re needed. This is totally dependent on Betfair settlement. Very often there are delays.

    In the 17:38 at Hove Wintons Gayle won at [email protected] for a loss of £12.64, then the 17:46 Philly won at [email protected] with a loss of £30.03 and another at 17:47 with Honchos Mentor at [email protected] for a loss of £24.02 with then a couple of recoveries before we get stuffed again at 17:56 at Hove with Good Lark for a loss of [email protected] or £80.50.

    Looking at those losses and when combined with settlement delays unneeded stake escalation will, unfortunately, occur occasionally.

    Simply, it’s the limitation of this type of staking which is why the Initial Stake should never exceed 0.01% of your bank. You can have short term success with larger % but that’s all it will be.

  8. Peter

    Hi, could I play your strategy when I have 1000$ and want to play 10p stake? If no, what i must change in options to profit as you

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